SAC is back: Student Activities Club

Morgan Torre

Student Activities club is the place to go if you have a passion for playing games or just love having fun. There’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Around 40 people showed up to participate at this year’s manhunt. The group gets divided into two teams in order to play manhunt. There is a very competitive but fun vibe in the atmosphere.
Photo by Ms. Murphy

“I love to see kids being kids,” Student Activities Club adviser Ms. Murphy said. “I love to see kids running around and playing tag and people from all grade levels interacting and hanging out with one another. That makes me very happy. In today’s society, where you guys are all caught up with work and tests and stressors, to be able to run around and play tag for two hours, that’s huge.”

The club is unique in the school because the point of it is to have a blast and let loose. With no restrictions, anyone can become a member of Student Activities.

“People should have a place to come relax and feel welcome,” senior and president Sean Cotter said.

That was the point of creating the club in the first place. Murphy had kids who hung out in her room after school just to relax and wind down after stressful or crazy days, which brought about the idea of creating a club for everyone to do just that.

“Student Activities Club was my base,” senior Nicole Chames said. “Everyone goes to Murph’s at the end of the day and that’s where I met literally everyone.”

The club provides many opportunities to make new friends.

“You get to be close with almost everyone in the club,” senior Maddie Sullivan said. “Even if you end up with people you aren’t necessarily close with, you have a good time no matter what you’re doing.”

Sullivan has been a member of Student Activities for four years and finds that the club has many different activities to offer, from the corn maze, to a trip to Boston, to even playing manhunt in the dark.

Manhunt, SAC’s most recent event, involved 40 people from all classes to play a more exciting version of tag in the dark, dressed in all black.  

Murphy said it’s the current SAC board members’ second year as board members and have been involved in the club for years before that.

“They have a familiarity on how to run it,” Murphy said.

The board members said they are excited to have a great year with some awesome things in store.

Jake Dionne (junior), Katrina Rivard (senior), Halle Hamilton (junior), Sean Cotter (senior), Xander LaPlante (senior), Matt Minton (junior), and Jared Tuccolo (junior).
Photo by Ms. Murphy
SAC board members from left to right: Jake Dionne (junior), Katrina Rivard (senior), Halle Hamilton (junior), Sean Cotter (senior), Xander LaPlante (senior), Matt Minton (junior), and Jared Tuccolo (junior).

“We have something for everybody,” senior and vice president Xander LaPlante said. “We do sports and games. We do charity events. After every event, we all walk away from it happy and saying we enjoyed it.”



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