Sight of scarecrows brings fall spirit

Courtesy photo.

The first scarecrow of the year hopes others will join her on the Commons throughout the month of October. For more information on how to create your own scarecrow, see the Grange's Facebook page:

Morgan Torre

During the entire month of October, scarecrows line the intersection at Mammoth and Pillsbury Road. You might’ve seen these festive fall decorations on your way to school.

But what’s the story behind why these scarecrows are there?

This is the second year that the Londonderry Grange #44 has held the scarecrow contest, as a fundraiser for their organization. People all over town enter to win based on who can make the most creative and unique scarecrow.

Anyone can participate in this event, and though you may have missed out on the fun this year, there’s always next year to build your own scarecrow.

Kits to make them cost $20, and if you just need a new burlap sack for your scarecrow’s head, that is $5.

If you want to vote for which scarecrow you think is the best, head over to the stage at the Common and place your vote in the ballot box there. Those votes will determine which scarecrow wins the People’s Choice Award.

The Grange  is raising funds to pay for the repairs done on the chimney in their hall on Mammoth Rd. It was a necessary repair and this fun, town-orientated activity can help them raise the money they need.

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