Message from freshmen: We’re not as bad as you think we are

Courtney Clark and Laura Haas

Most students left the last Friday’s pep rally listening to the band playing their final song.

Not the Class of 2022, however.

Due to the poor behavior of a small group of students, the entire class was held back in order to be reprimanded.

Apparently, a group of freshman students chose to make fun of various groups of students during the pep rally. Obviously, the teachers and admin found this unacceptable, so in hopes of teaching a valuable lesson, they decided to hold the whole class back to talk with them.  They warned the students that they could be banned from any future pep rallies if this type of behavior continues, and they also encouraged students to come together as a class and be there for one another.

All in all though, it seems to us freshman that the rest of the school thinks we are a “bad class.” We’ve been with this class since sixth grade, and we are fully aware of what a bad reputation we had even before we entered LHS.

This incident only made it worse.

However, the students who misbehaved during the assembly are only a fraction of the freshmen class. Many of us do represent what a true Lancer is, and don’t deserve the negative attitudes from some of the other students and adults in the building.  There are actually quite a few kind, hardworking freshmen, who would never do anything related to what the group of students did at the pep rally.

Therefore, we think it is unfair to threaten and judge the entire class for the actions of a few. Most of our class is filled with great students and wonderful people, so these judgments aren’t fair to the rest of us who try hard to be the best we can be.

So freshmen, let’s show the rest of the school all the great things we have to offer LHS. Let’s show them we can be a great class as we move forward as Lancers over the next four years.

For the freshmen who represent the majority of our class, who are kind to all, and overall good students, we encourage you to stand up to anyone who acts out. If you ever see any of our peers disrespecting anyone again, please stand up to them and tell them to stop. Let them know that what they are doing is not okay, nor is it funny.

On behalf of the freshmen class, we are truly sorry, especially to anyone who was hurt by the inappropriate actions of a group of our peers.

But please, don’t judge the whole freshman class based on a handful of immature students.  


Freshman Courtney Clark and Freshman Laura Haas