Mackenzie Conner excels in LHS robotics


Photo courtesy of LHS Robotics

Connor talks to a family about about FIRST and STEM at an event called Touch Tomorrow.

Kait Bedell , Editor-in-Chief

Whether it is anything from art club to athletics, LHS encourages students to branch out to make friends while sharing common interests.

For senior Mackenzie Conner, robotics was her comfortable spot where she could do just that. Since freshman year, Conner had found and taken an interest in the robotics team where she could use her intelligence to compete with like-minded people.

“It’s a very accepting environment,” Conner said. “Even if you’re not interested in STEM or engineering, there’s a lot for everyone.”

After indulging herself in robotics throughout her high school career, Conner was recognized when she was awarded her scholarship for 2,000 dollars at the Governor’s Cup.

Conner was not able to attend the event when her award was announced, so fellow teammates sent her a celebratory picture to document the moment as it happened.

“It was exciting because I had found out we had lost, which to me meant I wasn’t gonna get anything,” Conner said. “It was really cool.”

Since Conner was not able to have her special moment during the event, teammates later on that day recreated the ceremony for her.

“They all just lined up in one of my teammates’ living room, and when I walked in they all clapped for me as one of them announced the award like the announcer did at the event,” Conner said.

Conner continued down the line individually shaking her teammates hands as they cheered her on.

“It was really cool to just feel appreciated and to get that special recognition,” Conner said.  

These teammates have been a good group of friends for Conner throughout her experience, and she looks forward to spending more time with them in regular season.

“Everyone is very close,” Conner said. “During build season we meet six days a week, so you’re with these people every day, and you really get to know them”.

Along with seeing her friends, Conner also looks forward to the role she is going to portray as a senior this year.

“I’m excited especially because I’m a senior on the team now, so I’m more teaching any of the rookies and the freshman what to expect,” Conner said. “It’s definitely a different leadership experience in the outlook of it all”.

Build week will start in Jan. and continue for a six week period until competitions. Conner looks forward to the great season to come but is not prepared for the tough goodbye that will follow.

“I definitely think it will be very emotional because this team has been a huge part of my high school experience, so to leave will be kind of a shocker,” Conner said. “I spend so much time and effort for this team, so to not have that in my life will be a crazy change.”

As Conner’s final year steams ahead, she encourages all of those interested to join the robotics club which has been a large part of her high school life.

“I think it’s important for people to know that even though it’s a robotics club there are a ton of opportunities for people not just within the stem field,” Conner said.