LHS evacuates after false alarm


Students and faculty evacuate the building during Wednesday’s false alarm.

Kait Bedell, Editor-in-Chief

Students and staff at LHS were evacuated today, Wednesday Dec. 5 after the Londonderry Police Department encountered a false alarm in regards to campus safety. LPD received an alert today at 3:10 PM tracing back to a school computer which dispatched responding officers as well as school safety protocol measures. Campus security was then enacted in response, followed by a lockdown, and lastly an evacuation took place. All people inside of the building were told to exit the building through the side door closest to Main Lot and gather in the gym without additional information. After sweeping the building, officers deemed the building safe. LPD continues to investigate the cause of the false alarm but assured that everybody is now safe. Everybody worked together in a cooperative and efficient manner during the precautions that were taken.