Prom is totally worth it.

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I bought my prom dress on Dec. 26, before the new year of 2019 even began. I know you’re secretly judging me, but I don’t care.

Why did I buy it so early? Because I’m beyond excited for prom, and I feel lucky to have gone through all of the dresses before half of them disappeared off the racks. I also find prom season to be one of the most exciting and memorable times of high school, and wanted to prolong this experience.

I spent almost $500 on a dress I am absolutely in love with. It was the second dress that I tried on in the store The Ultimate, and I knew it was the one. I wasn’t worried about the price, but more about how nicely it fit, and how comfortable and confident I felt in it.

My mom and I decided early on that we were willing to spare any expense to ensure that this prom is a night to remember. After all, memories are priceless and you can’t put a price tag on a good time. I’m not saying this as someone who has a ton of money either. My mom and I have actually had to save up for prom over the past few years.

It’s now the week of prom, and it’s crunch time. Besides a dress, I have had to make many other accommodations. I’m a little stressed, sure, but more eager. I can’t wait to get my spray tan, as well as hair and nails done.

Some may call a spray tan and all these other appointments unnecessary. But honestly that’s the fun of it all! You get pampered by the people at the salon, and you get to feel so beautiful on a great night with your friends.

We’ve been looking forward to this prom for FOUR YEARS. Most schools have junior and senior prom, but this is the only chance most Londonderry students have for their night to remember forever, unless they attended prom with a senior before their own senior year. So this is our one shot, and I’m going to make it count!

It seems silly to think about now but after college, when all of us have settled down and maybe even started our own families, these pictures will come back to haunt us. Our kids will want to see them. Although looking back on the past can sometimes be a terrifying thing to do, this prom should not be one of those occasions that you are embarrassed of.

Honestly, I think it’s all about what YOU put into it. The more you let go and realize this could be one of the last events with your high school friends, the more joy and sentimentality you will feel. I know I want to do what I can to feel my best on that night.

And whatever money I have to spend or stress I have to go through? Totally worth it.

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