Drama Club’s ‘Theater Night’ to take place tomorrow night


The LHS Drama club will hold their annual Theater Night on Tuesday, June 4 at  7 p.m.

  • Tickets will be sold at the door for five dollars.
  • A raffle and snacks will also be available for purchase during the show.
  • There will be solos, duets, musical numbers, and the Improv Comedy Troupe will perform.

The following students will be in the show:

Riley Anderson

Alyssa Beaulieu

Janiah Bergendahl

Paige Boyon

Betsy Brown

Jason Cain

Andrea Cashin

Nick Chaffee

Mike Crowley

Chloe Ferraro

Connor Fongeallaz

Ahna Gainey

Danny Garrity

Mayson Gentiluomo

Faith Gormley

Haley Hines

Andrew Johnson

Kaitlyn Koza

Maya Lincoln

Colby Lynch

Parker MacIntyre

Christopher Maio

Sathvik Manam

Kayla McLaren

Lexi Nimetz

Gabby Page

Abby Palmer

Luke Pascarelli​

Noah Payeur

Nicole Raza

Maya Rutina

Krystina Smith

Emily Thomas

Joshua Truesdale

Cassidy Methot

Melanie Methot