Lancer music announces 2019-2020 leadership positions


Photo courtesy of Lancer Music

The new drum majors, colorguard captains and current drum majors pose for a photo after the highly anticipated announcement at the Lancer Music Banquet on May 30, 2019.

The music organization announced the drum majors and colorguard captains at the annual Lancer Music Banquet last week. Today, June 5, 2019, Band Director Mr. Beaulieu announced the drumline captains and section leaders through a Google Classroom post.

Drum majors:

Eliana Patterson

Olivia Siobhan White

Tyler Kraics


Colorguard captains:

Rhiannon Black

Morgan Dow


Drumline captains:

Carter Crowley, Drumline Captain

Dylan Solano, Assistant Drumline Captain


Section leaders:

Flute- Lilly Law, McKenzie Gagne and Hannah Paradis

Clarinet- Jessica Popoloski, Amy Overhulser and Erin Batchelor

Alto Saxophone- Janiah Bergendahl, Kelly Calawa and Madi Rearick

Trumpet- Ryan Cullen, Conor Donohue and Owen Miller

Mellophone- Amy Maffatone and Luke Pascarelli

Sousaphone- Connor Fongeallaz and Luke St. Cyr

Tenor Saxophone- Max Henson and Sam Bristol

Trombone- Anthony Iovino

Pit- Adrienne Lafond