Go fund yourself. My two cents on how to get a job.


Photo by Courtney Clark

New jobs are constantly being posted to the right of the Futures Lab, so make sure to check for listings on the board as well as on the website!

Looking for a way to make money? A job may be the perfect way to bring in extra or needed cash. With the help of these simple tips, you will be able to find a job with little to no struggle.

Though there are restrictions that high school students may face regarding their age, there are still plenty of options when it comes to entry level jobs. However, because of the Fair Labor Standards Act, students under the age of fourteen are not allowed to work.

Students under sixteen may find it harder to get a job as well, due to the laws that companies have to follow, but jobs that avoid any dangerous equipment are available for applications.

Jobs can vary from grocery stores to fast food chains, and in both of these categories all eligible students can apply. But with all these options comes the pressure of choosing the right one. 

Making sure that you are choosing the right job for you is essential so that you are happy and keep the job you have for a while. The first step to doing this is knowing your interests and finding out what available jobs entail.

For example, if you want a job that will keep you busy and has variety, Target (a workplace that has a plethora of tasks available) may be a better job for you rather than a job like Market Basket, which offers little variation to workers under eighteen.

Though it will take time, research into different jobs and find one you can see yourself enjoying. It is also important to realize that pay isn’t the only factor when looking for a job. It’s better to look forward to work than get paid a couple dollars more and dread everyday. 

When looking for a job, it could be helpful to find a place where a close friend works. If you are able to get hired at a workplace with a friend, it could make you feel more comfortable on your first day of work and everyday after that.

It should be noted, however, that applying to the same job your friend has doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t treat your workplace seriously. Your employers were generous enough to give you the job and pay you to do it, so in return, be respectful in your workplace.

Though most entry level jobs wouldn’t require a resume, it may help to create one. Having a resume would not only better your chance of being hired, but it will also give you practice for when you create one again in the future.

In your resume, you should include a list of things that will make you stand out from the rest of the competition. Some things you may want to add are clubs and sports you’re involved in, events you’ve taken part of, or your GPA. But whatever it is that you decide to put in, make sure that you stay professional.

Photo by Courtney Clark
The Futures Lab is located at the front of the main lobby and is open all periods of the day.

You also don’t have to do this all on your own. The Futures Lab is located in the main lobby and is happy to help you find a job that works with your personal needs and schedule.

Though the Futures Lab catered more towards college-related topics in the past, they are hoping to better utilize their career section, starting with some helpful ways to find a job. One of the ways the Futures Lab helps is that they post jobs in the main lobby from companies that contact them looking for student/young employees. This is a safe way to find a job, as when the Futures Lab is contacted by companies, they make sure that the company is a suitable employer before showing it to the rest of the school.

And if you don’t have time to stop by during school hours, there is a Futures Lab job tab on the Londonderry High School website that provides links to applications for jobs near and around Londonderry.

The Futures Lab doesn’t just help you find a job— they can help you prepare for one, too. Say that you find a job, apply, and get an interview. The Futures Lab can aid you by providing mock interviews and assisting you with writing emails to your potential manager or boss.

Not only are there things to remember when looking for a job, but you should also take some things into consideration once you obtain one. For example, always plan your time accordingly to your personal/school schedule. Just because you are receiving a lot of hours, doesn’t mean you can, or should, take them all. And if you ever feel overworked, know that it is okay to step back or say no.

Overall, when finding a job, remember to look for one that will accommodate your schedule, provides everything you want, and one where you meet the requirements. And if your first job doesn’t work out, that’s okay. It’s perfectly fine to quit if things don’t feel right. Just make sure to be respectful and give a two weeks’ notice.

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