Sophomore President Matt Misiaszek


Photo courtesy of Matt Misiaszek

The Class of 2023 Reps take a photo at their summer fundraiser car wash.

Dear Sophomores,

This fall we all entered LHS with our heads held high knowing that this year we were not at the bottom of the high school totem pole, and there was lots of relief knowing that we’ve all been through this journey once before. With that being said, freshman year taught me a lot about our class. I learned that we have such a strong, versatile group of individuals and I am so proud of what we were able to accomplish together as a class. 

Sophomore year is a year full of change and more responsibility. This year most of us will receive our license, some will earn a spot on a sports team, and some will be granted the honor to be a part of clubs such as National Honors Society. This year holds more opportunities to get involved as we are adding new positions to our class board. Any class rep is eligible to run for office, and if you want to support our class I encourage you to run. I know we can all handle these responsibilities and we can work together to make the most out of this year. 

Make this year the year that you join clubs that you find interest in. Go out to the Friday night football games and sit in the stands to cheer for your town. Much like freshman year, this year will fly by, so I hope you make the most of it. 


Matt Misiaszek