Unified soccer champs ready to take on basketball: Unified basketball preview

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From winning a track championship last spring to their first soccer championship this past fall, the Unified teams are unstoppable. Unified basketball is excited and more than ready for their upcoming season. With two trophies in their hands, their confidence is soaring.

“Now the kids know we can do it [win a championship] in multiple sports, and that only makes them want to do it in basketball more,” senior helper Alyssa Treanor said. “The new mentality is definitely positive. [The helpers] have so much confidence, and I’m sure the athletes do too.”

Unified basketball is comprised of both athletes and helpers. The team is split into two. The blue team is competitive, while the white team is for kids who love the game but aren’t competitive. On the court there are three athletes and two helpers. When they all work together, they end up being pretty successful. 

“They’ve done very well,” Coach MacLean said. “We had a couple seasons where we’ve been undefeated, and I think every year we’ve made it to the playoffs.”

The new confidence is sure to help these Lancers, but senior helper Erin Batchelor said that support from fans will take them to the next level since it means so much to the athletes to have people cheering for them. 

“Let [the team] know that you’re going to support them,” Batchelor said. “We want people to come to games. That’s what we like to see.”

Senior athlete Will Boyle is ready to help lead his team to the “ship.” He has been waiting for a basketball championship, and he believes this is his year. Boyle said he loves his coaches and enjoys the sport.

“I love hanging out with Mr. Rush and Mrs. Maclean,” Boyle said. “Shooting three pointers is my favorite.” 

For Bachelor, Boyle and Treanor, this is their last season with unified basketball as they are leaving LHS this year. They hope to end it on a good note, with lots of wins, but more importantly, smiles, and happiness. 

“Winning a basketball championship would be awesome,” Treanor said. “Seeing the smiles on the athletes faces when we won our soccer championship brought tears to my eyes of happiness, so I hope to have a replay of that in the future. I love working with the kids and Unified can make anyone’s day better.” 

Coach Maclean is looking forward to another great season. To her, the happiness and success of her students is more rewarding than anything.  

“It’s all about the kids and celebrating the small things,” MacLean said. “If we can have a game where everyone is on the same page, playing the best that they can, and learning new skills at practice, that’s a victory in itself.”