Freshman Maggie Edwards swims her way to victory


Photo courtesy of Maggie Edwards

Maggie Edwards (left) stands proud with teammate Julia Ethier (right).

Not many freshmen get the opportunity to flourish in the field of varsity athletics, but Maggie Edwards is one of the few. Being one of the highest seeded swimmers in the state, her expectations were set high going into the state championship.

“I was nervous, but definitely super excited,” Edwards said. “All of my teammates were cheering me on because I was already seeded first for the 50 free. I was nervous for some of the people that I was going against. In the end it was mind over matter.”

For a freshman to be seeded so high is an accomplishment in itself, but to go on and win is a big deal.

“I was seeded 3rd and my time was six seconds off from being seeded first, so that was totally unexpected,” Edwards said.

After performing well at this past competition, Edwards wants to expand her horizons and try some new events. However, if she does try new events, she is still up to the challenge in defending her titles.

“I am confident. I don’t know if I am going to do the exact same events next year, but if I were to, I would definitely chase [defending my titles],” Edwards said.

Good coaches are a critical aspect to the performance of a team. Edwards had a lot of direction from Coach Ewen and her staff.

“[The coaching staff] had good advice going into races and were very supportive afterwards, even if we didn’t do our best,” Edwards said.

Adapting to a new team environment as a freshman can be very hard. It can be almost intimidating. Edwards’ teammate’s compassion towards her created a welcoming environment to make a path to her victory.

“Everybody is so friendly, so supportive, and just wants you to achieve your goals,” Edwards said.