LSO video: How to self-care in self-quarantine

Junior Carleigh McRitchie gifts her visual self-help journal to help students of LHS overcome the shocking amount of boredom and loneliness that the COVID-19 pandemic brings to the average person.

In the following video, McRitchie takes the viewer on a journey through her mind as she figures out what to do during this time of isolation. Then she shows us various ways to not just cope with this “new normal,” but how to conquer the boredom and loneliness.

Click on the video below and get ready to be inspired to do more than lie in your bed all day.

Carleigh McRitchie

“I’m so incredibly bored,” McRitchie says in the video she created. But then she goes on to say that she’s here to help.

And watching this video does just that.

Here are some of the ideas McRitchie shares with the viewers on what she’s doing to cope during the Covid-19 quarantine:

Clean your room (and your mind)

If you clean your room, then you might find your mind is “less cluttered and less anxious, then maybe you’ll get out of the dumps a little bit,” McRitchie says.

Get back into something you like when you didn’t have the time to

Draw. Go outside. Play with your dog. Create music. Play video games. Take this extra time at home to do things you couldn’t when you were working or participating in an after-school activity.

Connect with others

McRitchie says although she misses her friends, she knows it’s important to stay inside because of the virus. But she still encourages every to connect with friends and family during this time. Use FaceTime. Text. Email. Zoom. But stay connected, so you don’t feel so alone.

What else can you do to help yourself right now?

You’ll just have to watch McRitchie’s video to find out some other coping mechanisms.

The one thing to always remember throughout this crazy time? You are not alone.


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