Class dues collection for the fall semester


Photo by Alp Okyar

Londonderry School Board mandates masking in all schools effective November 9, 2021.

It’s the beginning of the school year which means another chance to turn in your class dues before prices rise.

Every year class dues are collected in all grades to go towards events like prom and senior trips. If a student doesn’t turn in their dues by senior year, they will not be allowed to attend these events.

The dues are at their lowest during freshman year being $60 and will rise $10 every year except for senior year when it will remain at $80. 

Dues will be collected the week of October 26 during all lunch periods as well as 15 minutes before and after school.

Along with this week in fall, there will be two other opportunities to turn in your class dues this year.

Class representatives from all grades will be helping out to collect these dues and with any questions about turning in dues or what they mean for your class, please contact your grade’s Class rep advisors.

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