Masks are essential to prevent the spread of COVID-19, so wear one


Photo by Courtney Clark

The Londonderry school district is waiting for N.H. Department of Health and Safety’s new COVID-19 guidelines following the updated recommendations made by the CDC.

A jacket is optional: if you’re cold, wear one! If you’re not, then don’t. It’s your decision because a jacket doesn’t save lives, but a mask does. That’s why a mask shouldn’t be something you can take on and off with leisure.

Though we are now remote, during a hybrid schedule I noticed not everyone would wear a mask at all times since no one was around. Masks aren’t like eating in a classroom or talking in class, when the teacher turns their back, your mask shouldn’t come down.

Everyone understands the struggle of wearing a mask, I get it, it’s uncomfortable. But nothing is going to be great during a pandemic because cases continue to rise every day, as well as deaths.

We all want life to go back to normal, so it’s not criminal of you to want to attend school without a mask. But just because of our country and state’s current situation with COVID-19, the only way to be able to go back to a normal life is to now deal with having a mask on for a couple hours a day.

Masks aren’t just an accessory. They actually do a lot, whether you are next to someone or in a room by yourself.

Masks, like surgical and cloth masks, are intended to trap droplets that could aid to the spread of COVID-19. However, if your mask lies below your nose or is taken off for even a brief moment, the droplets can fall onto surface areas the public can reach.

And even if there was a case where the masks ended up not preventing COVID-19, it’s still worth the precautionary measure to take action and try to help those around you.

So even if your mask is on before you come in contact with anyone, anything you could have been in contact with with your mask down could now be contaminated with your germs.

And you may think, “well I don’t have COVID-19 so I can’t infect anyone.” But though that may be true, you never know for sure, and you wouldn’t want to contribute to someone’s immune system being compromised during a pandemic.

Even a common cold can be harmful to someone during this time. If someone is recovering from an illness they are more susceptible to other viruses, including COVID-19.

And there have been complaints that masks can be annoying or get in the way of some daily tasks. But with the risk of another large wave of COVID-19 due to the holidays and increase of indoor activities, it’s best to not be selfish and wear a mask out of respect for others.

Masks are just a preventative task. Sure they won’t cure COVID-19, but they can help to limit the amount of cases and deaths.

I would love to go back to last year and be in-person, able to drink an iced coffee during my morning classes, but I’m okay with adjusting my habits in order to protect those around me. All I ask is for others to make an honest effort to do the same.