Lady Lancers prepare for comeback after COVID-19 interrupts their road to the championship in 2020 season


Photo courtesy of C. O'Loughlin

Katherine Marshall stands ready, waiting for the next play on the court against Windham.


During a successful 2020 season and seven game winning streak, the girl’s basketball team had to cut their road to victory short due to the emerging COVID-19. After making it to the semi-finals the games were postponed and eventually cancelled. This gave the LHS Lady Lancers the automatic title of runner up. 

This season is a new opportunity for the girls to redeem themselves and play for the title they had been working so hard for. After their chance was taken away so close to the finish line, the Lady Lancers are hungrier than ever for a successful season and potential championship run. Senior Katherine Marshall is zealous for another opportunity to go to a championship.

“Having our season cut short was a shock for us all. We were on a seven game winning streak and very excited about making it to the final four,” Marshall said. “The team handled it positively, and we were all proud of how far we’d gone.”

The team has recovered from the hardships of last season and have been taking advantage of their chance to get back on the court.

“Our season is going well, considering the situation with COVID. We are appreciative that we were given a chance to get back on the court,” Marshall said.

The absence of their senior players from 2020 was a difficult loss for the team. However, they continue to channel the same team spirit as they had in their 2020 season.

“We lost a lot of good players, but still have a tremendous amount of passion. There’s a lot of talent among my teammates, and I’m fully confident about making it to the finals,” Marshall said.

Though the team is one of the shortest in the division, they compensate with their agility and skill.

“Our biggest strength is that we have many experienced players who know how to create a good team environment,” Marshall said.

The challenges the team has faced together throughout the past year have knit them closer. Their struggles have given them a reason to play harder. 

“We win and lose together,” Marshall said.

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