The little things that make life worth living


Photo by Catie Brown

Life isn’t always about the big moments–the birthdays or the milestones. It’s the small things that make life as beautiful as it is.

A seemingly perfect life isn’t always the happiest. Waking up in silk pajamas to sunshine and a homemade breakfast every morning doesn’t guarantee that positive emotions will radiate from you throughout your entire life. But though it’s impossible to live your life without experiencing the bad, that doesn’t mean we should forget the good, as even little moments can have the biggest impact. 

Being able to witness different sunsets every evening

Photo by Catie Brown

All is still as a sunset casts a golden shadow over the green grass of the Max Apples orchard. “Sunsets seem to have this magical healing power,” senior Betsy Brown said. “They remind us that even the worst day doesn’t last forever, and show that even endings can often be beautiful.” 

A smile from someone who doesn’t do it often enough

Photo by Catie Brown

Though senior year has been difficult, Brown can’t help but smile as she gazes at the tall yellow sunflowers surrounding her. “A smile is happiness right under your nose,” Brown said. “It can’t be bought, and it can’t be sold. It is costless medicine that provides light and joy.” Through struggle, through hardships, one smile seems to make it all worth it. 

Your pets

Photo by Catie Brown

Brown’s family dog, Loki, sits in the shade of a freshly blossoming apple tree, basking in the cool spring breeze. And yes, he knows just how adorable he is. “Dogs are not our whole lives, however, they make our lives whole,” Brown said. Pets in general are humanizing. They remind us that we have a responsibility to nurture and care for all life. 

Reading unexpected plot twists

Photo by Catie Brown

“We lose ourselves in books, but we also find ourselves there too,” freshman Rachel Hurtchinson said. “It’s like dreaming with your eyes open.” There’s something in getting yourself so engrossed in a book that you cannot put it down. A reader can live hundreds of lives throughout their lifetime. 

Playing Music

Photo by Catie Brown

“Music is the key to understanding life itself,” freshman Sofia Norton said. No matter what instrument you play, you have the power to give it its own unique voice. Music carries a message, and musicians have the important job of being the messengers. (Photo by Catie Brown)

Finishing your research paper and closing your browser tabs one-by-one

Photo by Catie Brown

High school students can understand the struggle of sitting down and writing a research paper. However, after the struggle, comes a wonderful feeling of accomplishment as each of the browser tabs close one by one. Norton said that this simple act is “refreshing.” 

“It’s like clearing one’s brain of homework for the night,” Norton said.

Watching someone’s eyes light up as they talk about something they’re passionate about

Photo by Catie Brown

Freshman Michaela Horan’s eyes positively sparkle as she thinks about what makes her the happiest. “It’s magic to see someone you love talk about things that make them happy,” Horan said. “You can just feel their aura and energy and the way their face lights up is so special.” There truly is something remarkable about eyes, the doorway to the heart, and the mirror to the soul. Somehow, the world just wouldn’t be as bright without the twinkle of your eyes.

Home-cooked meals

Photo by Catie Brown

“There’s just no taste like home,” freshman Amara Williams said. For people like Williams, the highlight of their childhood was sitting down and enjoying a delicious meal with family. And this just goes to show that happiness is homemade. 

Realizing that no matter what happens, you’ll be ok

Life can be like walking through paradise with rocks in your shoes. Though there’s beauty surrounding you, it’s often difficult to appreciate while something else is on your mind. But, it’s important to remember that there is so much joy, so much beauty surrounding us. We just have to stay present in order to find it.