Unified soccer prepares for Dover in semifinal matchup


Christine O'Laughlin

Ben Laverty celebrates with teammates Ryan Batts and Matt Sharrock.

Two years after winning the N.H. Division I Championship, Unified Soccer is playing again for its ticket to the championship against a talented Dover Green Wave team.

The Lancer squad is no stranger to moments like this one. The Unified program is one of the most consistently dominant teams in the state, thanks to the passion and love all members of the team have for the game. Now in the playoffs once again, the group is as positive as ever, including senior helper, Olivia Windisch.

“We are very confident going into this game,” Windisch said. “We work well together and have been preparing for a competitive game.”

The sense of unity has always been the team’s biggest strength, and this is no different this season. Though the roster changes every year, the family aspect never leaves.

“Our season has gone great so far,” Windisch said. “We are a very strong and close team, and we have worked very hard for our spot in the playoffs.”

In a loser goes home situation, every senior knows there is limited time left to play for the team they love so much.

“I can’t describe how proud I am of how much we’ve grown,” Windisch said. “Unified has given me the chance to work towards something bigger than myself with my teammates.”

This game has so much behind it for both teams. Londonderry beat Dover for the championship two years ago and now they have the chance to knock them out once more.

“I’m so confident in this team,” Senior helper Laura Bowen said, “We’ve worked so hard this season and I know that’ll show.”

Now with a chance to continue the dynasty that is Londonderry Unified athletics, the Lancers remember why they are out there.

“I can’t put into words how positively this team has affected my life,” Bowen said. “I’m so incredibly proud of this team and it has a very special place in my heart.”