Unified basketball look forward to an inclusive and fun season


Photo courtesy of Alanna Vargas

Unified basketball is excited and ready to head into the 2021-2022 season.

After a track championship, and a soccer semifinal run, the Unified sports teams are on fire. The Lancers are excited and more than ready to carry this success into the basketball season.

Like most sports, Unified basketball had to make some sacrifices last year due to the pandemic. Senior helper Olivia Windisch is thankful that things are getting back to normal this season. 

“Unfortunately, last season only senior helpers were able to play on the team because of COVID-19,” Windisch said. “I’m happy that the seniors got their time to play, but I am so excited to get back on the court with everyone.”

The Lancers hope to improve their game this year for a hopeful championship run, but above all they just want to be inclusive and have fun.

“This season we are definitely working on our team communication and of course it is always our goal to make everyone feel included and a valuable asset to the team,” Windisch said. 

For most people on the team Unified basketball is more than just a sport–it brings people together. Senior helper, Maddie LeClair has seen this first hand during her time on the team.

“Unified basketball means community to me,” LeClair said. “It’s a group of people who are inclusive to everyone. It’s about supporting the athletes and your team, while enjoying the game of basketball.”

Along with the helpers, the Unified basketball athletes are excited for this season. Senior athlete, Alanna Vargas is ready for the season.

“I love meeting new friends and trying new sports,” Vargas said. “I want to win a championship and try to get three pointers this year.”

The support from the LHS community is greatly appreciated by the players. 

“It is always special when fans come out to Unified games,” Windisch said. “It means so much to all of us when there are fans cheering us on. It would be so awesome to have a packed fan section for at least one game, I know it would mean a lot to everyone on the team.”

As seniors, both LeClair and Windisch plan to make the most of their last season with Unified basketball. 

This season is special to me because it’s my last one with the unified community,” LeClair said.  “I am so grateful for the memories I have in the program. I hope we can have a strong season with lots of fun!”

Being involved in all three Unified sports, saying goodbye each season will be tough for Windisch. However, she is grateful for her time on the team and hopes to make this the best season yet for her and her teammates. 

“Unified basketball means so much to me because I love to spend time with all of my teammates and meet new people each season,” Windisch said.  “I love spending time in an environment where everyone is there for the betterment of each other. As a whole, Unified has meant so much to me throughout my four years and I am so grateful to spend time with my teammates for one last season.”