Boy’s tennis is ready to make a comeback


Photo by Laura Bowen

Boys tennis prepares for the upcoming season after a three year hiatus.

After a three year hiatus, Lancer Boy’s Tennis is back. With a season off because of the pandemic and not enough boys to field a team, the Lancers are excited to have a fresh start. The boys have been working hard the past few weeks to prepare to get Lancer tennis back on its feet.

This year the team will be coached by Roberta Davis and former Lancer Tennis player Alex Burbine. Davis knew she needed to step up in place of the late former tennis coaches, Skip Burbine and Janice Norwesh.

“I couldn’t believe it when I heard that Londonderry, a Division 1 school, didn’t have a boy’s tennis team,” Davis said. “I knew we had lost two beloved coaches in the last four years, but I thought, we can’t fall apart, they wouldn’t want that to happen.”

Even more so, Davis wanted to give senior Camden Poitras a chance to play for his final year of high school.

“What really got me fired up was when I heard the personal story of Camden Poitras, a senior at LHS without a team since freshman year,” Davis said. “Cam is rated #1 in New Hampshire for under 18 year olds. I thought, wow, we have the #1 kid in the state and he doesn’t have a team to compete with in his senior year, that’s unacceptable. I knew I could get it going if I could get the word out to the kids, so that’s what we did and it’s how we got it jump started again.”

Freshman Connor Lord is excited to be part of the team as it makes its comeback. He too is thankful to give Poitras the chance to play.

“It feels good to be able to have a team this year and be able to provide a team for Camden this year,” Lord said. “He is such a strong player and if he gets to play any year it should be his senior year, almost as a sign off before going to college and just leaving his mark and impact on the team.”

Poitras hopes to bring the same excitement to the team that he felt as a freshman, while also accomplishing some of his personal goals this season.

“It’s awesome to have a team again,” Poitras said. “I’ve really missed high school tennis and I’m so glad Roberta, Alex, and I were able to recruit enough players. I’m very excited for the matches. I remember the team spirit leading up to a match from freshman year and I have no doubt we’ll have the same kind of energy this year.  I’m also personally looking forward to having a shot at the state championship. ”

Davis sees the potential in this team already, especially given the leadership Poitras has shown from day one.

“Camden is a natural leader and as the senior with an immense amount of tennis experience, he is going to lead as Team Captain,” Davis said. “It’s a mixed group as far as age and skill set. We have two sophomores and five freshmen. Our major goal this year is to bond, create a team and have some fun. We will be looking to grow their skills in the next few years and have a highly competitive team moving forward.”

The Lancers are ready to work hard and do their best this season as well as become closer as a team. Lord says he hopes to make “long-lasting friendships” with his teammates and has a lot to look forward to.

“The things I’m most excited for this year would be to be in a team environment, make friends, play the game I love and have enjoyed for so many years, and just have fun and hopefully be able to go far this year,” Lord said. “ I’m also excited to be able to gain experience from playing with and against better players than myself.”

With so many new freshmen, Poitras hopes to give them the same positive experience he had as a freshman. 

“My freshman year I was the only freshman on the team,” Poitras said. “The upperclassmen did a great job of including me in everything they did on and off the court. This year I’d like to have the same type of environment.  With it, I have no doubt we’ll enjoy the season and have a great time together.”

As a tennis player herself, Davis is just as excited as the boys to play the sport she is so passionate about.

“I’m most excited about seeing the guys come together as a team and learning how to be a high performing athlete, a skilled tennis player and a supportive teammate,” Davis said. “I love the sport and love to share my passion with kids.”

This is not where it ends for Londonderry tennis. Bringing back the boy’s team is the first step in the right direction. 

“The future is looking bright for tennis in Londonderry,” Davis said. “I’m involved in starting a middle school tennis club after school which will feed kids into the high school team as well as running tennis camps throughout the year to identify and recruit kids with an interest in the sport early on.”