Students vs. staff basketball game to raise awareness for mental health 


Ava Norton, Reporter

The students of LHS will take to the Londonderry Middle School basketball court this Thursday, March 9, to battle against teachers in the ultimate game of basketball, hosted by Athletic Leadership Council and partner Bring Change to Mind. 

The game will not only host one of the most entertaining games to grace LHS history, but also to raise money for LHS’s mental health initiative. 

Senior Isabel Schickler, who is Bring Change to Mind’s president, hopes this event can not only raise money but awareness too.

“If we can put enough money towards mental health, we are showing both students and staff that we care about their well beings,” Schickler said. 

Schickler said the main goal of this event is to “build a support system for anyone who is struggling.”

“We want to make it known in the community that we are here for them,” Schickler said, “and we can provide resources to them. No one has to fight alone.”