Winter Fashion Feature: Anna Kemball-Cook

The typical New England winter is fast-approaching and is sure to bring lots of snow and slush for the upcoming months. To prepare for these frigid conditions, junior Anna Kemball-Cook shares some of her fashion-forward tips on looking her best during the inevitably chilly winter months.

Junior Anna Kemball-Cook is ready for winter with her warm apparel. Kemball-Cook embodies the preppy look whilst still feeling comfortable and staying warm. Photos by Emily Schackart.

When it comes to style, no matter what the season, comfort is a priority for Kemball-Cook.

“I’m a big fan of sweatpants,” Kemball-Cook admits, “but on days that I want to look more put together, my go-to’s are vests and sweaters.”

Boots: $49.99 at TJ Max
Shirt: $40 at Tommy Hilfiger / Vest: $30 at GAP

Riding boots have become an increasingly common trend in winter fashion over the years, and Kemball-Cook embraces this fad with her brown/black boots from TJ Maxx.

“I like to take advantage of my 10% employee discount,” she said, smiling.

This year in winter fashion, frilly knee-high socks and leg warmers have been seen accompanying riding boots. Kemball-Cook proves to be up-to-date on these trends with her own lace-trimmed socks from Forever 21.


Scrunchy: $2.99 at Target
Socks: $5.99 at Forever 21

Kemball-Cook always has a scrunchy on hand, in case she has to put up her hair in the middle of the day.

“You just never know,” she said. “I prefer scrunchies over hair-ties because they don’t crease my hair.”

Style Tip: Kemball-Cook recommends putting together an outfit the night before school to avoid stress in the morning.

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