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Case manager Mr. Leonard

Case Manager Mr. Leonard

Question: What are your first impressions of Lancer Nation?

Answer: “It has real community feel to it. I feel the teachers and administrators are very supportive. A lot of the students the last few days have said ‘hello’ as they’re going by my room. It seems like a really nice community.” 

Question: What are some of your goals while teaching at LHS? 

Answer: “It’s to teach life skills and life lessons, skills that young adults will need to succeed in life. I’m very passionate about that, and that’s why I am a teacher.”

Question: What is something you’d like to tell LHS students as they begin this school year?

Answer: “Live up to the reputation of a great community that you support each other. I think more people can learn or can be their best person if people are supportive. Be understanding that every student is different. We talk about diversity but really diversity is everyone being different no matter where you come from. Just be accepting.”

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