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While it may be hard to find self-love, every person deserves it. No matter what size you are, skinny or fat, tall or small; you should be happy with what you have. Every body is beautiful because its yours.  

Everybody deserves to love their bodies

Kaylie Donahue, Magazine Chief
April 8, 2022

Whether it’s your skin, height, weight, or even just your shoe size, everybody has something they would like to change about themselves. While insecurity is a normal part of being human, a lot of teenagers...

Recently, Florida government passes a bill that will prohibit the discussion of sexuality and gender identity

Saying ‘gay’ won’t make your children gay

Audrey DeAngelis, Assistant Editor in Chief
March 31, 2022

Primary school-aged children are at one of the most impressionable ages. These young students are constantly watching their teachers to figure out which behaviors and responses are acceptable and which...

Editorials represent the opinion of the Lancer Spirit Editorial Board.

Interact. Don’t attack. Stick to the facts.

Editorial Staff
March 30, 2022

Last night, the Lancer Spirit turned off comments on our Instagram post promoting a news article about the recent vandalism in the bathrooms because the comments were becoming accusatory, inappropriate...

When mixing rings, its best to designate one hand to each shade, rather than mix.

“Everyone wishes for silver and gold” except for me.

Laura Haas, Online Chief
March 24, 2022

Let’s get one thing straight, gold and silver don’t mix.  On their own, gold and silver are my favorite colors to accessorize with, specifically with rings. But put them together and you get a...

The Body Positivity movement has been around for years, yet why can I only find three different styles of dresses, while say a smaller girl has more than half the store to choose from? Instead of finding the ‘perfect’ one, it comes down to just finding one that fits and hasn’t been bought by someone in the school already.

Panicking over plus-size prom

Kaylie Donahue, Magazine Chief
March 22, 2022

When you're a size 18 in a sea of zeros, the prom experience can be more than a little daunting.  The prom dress. Arguably one of the most important attires in high school, along with being a magical...

The three different stages of celebrating Saint Patricks Day.

Saint Patrick’s Day, a holiday to not remember

Abby Foley, Executive Features Editor
March 16, 2022

Saint Patrick's Day goes from fun, to boring, to fun again. You go from believing a leprechaun came to your house, to not even remembering the day exists, and then when you’re an adult, you get to...

Be responsible and respectful to your classmates before returning to school when sick

Students are taking a vacation, but viruses are not

Audrey DeAngelis, Assistant Editor in Chief
February 22, 2022

As February vacation approaches and families plan their winter getaways, we need to remember that although you are taking a vacation, viruses are not.  If you are traveling via airplane, especially...

Seniors have the ability to choose between a white or a blue graduation gown.

Blue or white: your gown color doesn’t define you

Ethan Green, Reporter
February 18, 2022

It’s well known among seniors that class reps members and advisers proposed a change to the colors for the graduating class’s caps and gowns. The change was supposed to be all students wearing blue,...

Getting through the hallways during the five-minute passing time can be tough--especially if you encounter one of the people described here.

One of these people has probably made you late to class.

Emma Desrosiers and Jillian Mazzola
February 14, 2022

Walk. Stop. Go around. Stop to gawk in shock. Bump. Trip. Sigh. Walk again. Forget gym class–just getting to class each day can be an obstacle course on its own. Those five minutes between classes...

Now move on to Valentine’s Day.  Commercialism Part Two. The origin of Valentine’s Day has many variations. Most include tales of St. Valentine and differ by various religions. But all lead to where we are today, with February 14th representing a day to express our affections all in the name of St. Valentine.  

The joy of gift giving

Noah Malcolm and Sarah Tsetsilas
February 14, 2022

In case you haven't picked up a gift for your special someone yet take a look at this article for some ideas! 2022 is finally upon us!  The calendar has flipped.  The days are getting longer.  Spring...

Life360 is an app parents can use to track their childrens phone, check their speed, and collect other data

Life360: Asset? (Or pain in the asset?)

Justin Pike, Reporter
February 10, 2022

When we turn 16, we all look forward to getting our license. The freedom of being able to go wherever you please without having to get your parents to drive you. But what if you couldn’t do any of those...

Students without parking passes are overcrowding the LHS main lot. The tow truck has been busy ever since the start of second semester.

Driving is a privilege, not a right

Natalie Karlson, Design Editor
January 31, 2022

It is finally happening, students’ cars are being towed from the main lot. You may have assumed it was an empty threat; however Mr. Mazzone has finally put his foot down. It is confirmed that the students’...

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