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Participation awards and certificates are given out at so many events, not just in sports.

Participation awards: Hurting or helping our youth?

Samantha Fortier, Reporter
February 17, 2021

I was 11 years old sitting in the auditorium at a gymnastics meet anxiously waiting to hear my name being called as one of the winners. With each name being announced, I sank further and further into my...

Setterland takes a moment to snap a photo before taking his newly built ATV for a ride.

Not sure what career to choose? Let your kid self be your guide.

Chris Setterlund
February 5, 2021

I believe that who you have always been is who you will always be, and you should let that act as a guide for your decisions. I am a senior in high school and like many others, I'm deciding on what I want...

It's easy to spend hours on devices every day, but it's important to find moderation and balance.

Screen time: when enough is enough

Catie Brown, Reporter
February 3, 2021

Remember what life was like years ago? When kids would spend nearly all day outside in the fresh air?   In the summer they’d go running in the sprinklers, not caring about the eventual annoyance...

Teachers put pressure on Gov. Sununu for vaccine but Sununu pushes back.

The Last World | Teachers and Vaccines

Madi Magee and Thomas Wolthers
January 28, 2021

In their latest "The Last Word" podcast, Madi and Thomas discuss the current vaccination schedule and how teachers have been put into the second tier in the vaccination schedule rather than the first....

Remote this year with a sibling feels like a tight rope act balancing between my own work and my brother's.

Remote learning with my sibling makes me feel like I’m redoing first grade

Kaylie Donahue, Magazine Chief
December 30, 2020

The day starts with honors English. When that's finished, I jump right onto reading class and start sounding out my new vocab words of the week. After geometry, the hard classes start. Math enrichment...

To make sure that we aren't spreading COVID-19 to our family, friends, and even strangers, we should all take the preventative measure to wear a mask.

Masks are essential to prevent the spread of COVID-19, so wear one

Courtney Clark, Assistant Editor-in-Chief
December 29, 2020

A jacket is optional: if you’re cold, wear one! If you’re not, then don’t. It’s your decision because a jacket doesn’t save lives, but a mask does. That’s why a mask shouldn’t be something...

Art by Hannah Ellis

Wake Up, Log On, Repeat

Hannah Ellis, Opinions Editor
December 16, 2020

Wake up. Log on to class. Sleep. Repeat.  Every day is the exact same. We had a few blissful weeks of being in the building every other day, yet now we are trapped behind a computer screen once again  We...

Working in retail can make anyone feel like they have a target taped to their back, especially during the holidays.

Retail etiquette: A Karen’s guide to human decency

Ash BarNoy, Executive Opinions Editor
December 13, 2020

The holiday season has always brought a frantic, hasty energy entirely its own. The bustling stores and increasingly growing lines starting Black Friday weekend can make even the calmest places feel chaotic...

Problem-solving can be put on the back burner when it comes to stress. Be sure to see the suggestions below in regards to stress due to quarantine and remote learning.

Three steps to solving remote stress

Rachel St. Louis, Copy Chief
December 12, 2020

If one piece of advice could be acquired from the avalanche of recent events, it’s the cliche that rings true: “No one can see the future.” Perhaps it rings a little too loudly now. From fully...

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