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Life isn't always about the big moments--the birthdays or the milestones. It's the small things that make life as beautiful as it is.

The little things that make life worth living

Catie Brown, Reporter
May 17, 2021

A seemingly perfect life isn’t always the happiest. Waking up in silk pajamas to sunshine and a homemade breakfast every morning doesn’t guarantee that positive emotions will radiate from you throughout...

Watching a loved one go through the grieving process can be difficult. Not sure how to help them? Here are some tips and information to assist you.

How to support a grieving Lancer

Natalie Karlson, Reporter
May 17, 2021

With the difficult news Lancer Nation has received just these past couple months, it must be addressed. Grief: the natural response to losing a loved one, a relationship, or any version of security...

Senior Amara Cote,  performs at a jazz ensemble concert in January 2021. Cote plays the trumpet as part of the LHS jazz ensemble and is currently the main Trumpet Section Leader in band.

Senior Amara Cote makes a name for herself in the Londonderry community

Alisha Khalil, Reporter
May 13, 2021

Spirit, kindness and drive are three factors that make a student a star Lancer, and senior Amara Cote has proven she is just that with all she has done throughout her time at LHS. Cote is president...

Tebbetts stands with her three daughters at the annual Unifed Snowball. The Snowball is an annual dance for all Unified athletes and helpers.

Mrs. Tebbetts receives 2020-21 Teacher of the Year Award

Olivia Windisch, Executive Sports Editor/Social Media Coordinator
May 13, 2021

LHS Wellness teacher and Unified soccer coach Mrs. Tebbetts has made a lasting impact on the students at LHS. Tebbetts has been awarded Teacher of the Year for the 2020-2021 school year.  Tebbetts...

Londonderry community remembers and honors LHS counselor Mrs. Sherwood

Londonderry community remembers and honors LHS counselor Mrs. Sherwood

Abby Foley, Features Editor
May 7, 2021

Mrs. Sherwood was an outstanding woman who was loved by so many people. Below are the memories that were shared in honor of her, which show how much happiness and joy she brought into people's lives and...

Senior Gracie McInnis said even though her mom did not give birth to her,

Love not blood is what makes her my mom

Gracie McInnis, Contributing Writer
May 7, 2021

What does it take to be a mother? I believe that you don’t need to give birth to be one, and if you do give birth, it does not mean you are one. My mother did not give birth to me, but she is better...

The Improv Comedy Club adapts to new challenges to put on their annual Improv Night

The Improv Club takes improvisation to new levels as they adapt to challenges

Audrey DeAngelis, Online Chief
May 4, 2021

As you walk through the halls of LHS, remnants of past years are scattered along the way. Old senior gifts, past renovations, and senior projects that stuck around after graduation. If you find yourself...

Chen snaps a picture of her Easter-themed bunny and chick crochets to put online on her Etsy shop. These crochets are a few of the many she sells.

Sophomore Aika Chen finds her “sparkling” passion during quarantine

Alisha Khalil, Reporter
April 12, 2021

Tackling the black hole of free time during quarantine this past year, sophomore Aika Chen began a new chapter for herself. When the world went still, many people did not know what to do with themselves....

College is the time where people get to branch off and grow into their adulthood, but the pandemic has made it difficult to really connect with others and the outside world.

LHS alumni share their experiences as college freshman during the pandemic

Michaela Horan, Reporter
April 6, 2021

The class of 2020’s senior year went completely different from how they’d expected, and now, their college experiences are being affected too. The Lancer Spirit sent a Google Form to LHS alumni so...

Unified coach Mrs. Tebbetts holds the the Unified soccer championship plaque alongside assistant coach Colleen Ellis.

Women to Watch 2021: Mrs. Tebbetts

Laura Bowen, Sports Editor
March 31, 2021

Coaching Unified soccer is more than just teaching kids to play a sport. According to teacher and Unified Soccer coach Ashley Tebbetts, her favorite part is "seeing the relationships that are formed on...

Senior Olivia Musto poses in her dress that was altered by Andrea Norton. She brought her dress to her around January/February for her first fitting.

A Londonderry mom’s picture perfect alterations

Sam Fortier
March 25, 2021

When a girl finds a prom dress that she likes, she doesn't want to just like it—she wants to love it. But prom dresses don't always fit right, so that's where Londonderry resident and seamstress Andrea...

Angela Donahue wakes every morning and readies herself for the endless day of Hospital nursing. Even though we try to forget COVID-19, these health care workers live and work with COVID-19 everyday.

Health Care Hero: Angela Donahue

Angela Donahue relays her experiences working as a floor nurse during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Kaylie Donahue, Magazine Chief
March 17, 2021

Unlike most little girls, I didn't grow up idolizing Hannah Montana or Selena Gomez or dreaming of being some famous actress.  The person I have idolized, and always will idolize, is my mom: Angela...

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