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Gators hold up letters spelling out “LANCERS” during a home game against Alvirne. The letters have now become a staple at home games.

Return to Friday Night Lights: Gators bring back fiery student section

Makenna True, Executive Arts and Entertainment Editor
October 21, 2021

After a year-long hiatus, the Swamp has officially taken back their spot in the stands at Londonderry High School sports. This year's 2022 Gators, led by Audrey Lidster, Olivia Windisch, Mike Williams,...

Photo by Mary DeWinkleer

Admin serves up smiles on workshop day

Megan Standifer, Fashion Editor
October 16, 2021

LHS Admin showed their appreciation for the LHS staff by surprising them with lunch. After the teacher workshop on Friday, Oct. 15, admin served up hotdogs, hamburgers, potato salad, and watermelon.

After putting the finishing touches on the cake, Tamanaha brings the dessert to a wedding.

An enjoyable process and an even more enjoyable result

Catie Brown, Features Editor
October 5, 2021

Think back to your kindergarten years. Imagine it’s your birthday, the day where you saunter around class handing out homemade treats to your peers, feeling like the most powerful kid in the world. Now...

Lancer Nation welcomes its new teachers.

Welcoming the new teachers to LHS

Editorial Board
September 29, 2021

As the 2021-2022 school year commences, the Lancer Spirit is happy to welcome all the new teachers to the school. Throughout the past weeks, our staff has talked to the new additions to the LHS team and...

Spirit Week Day 5: School Colors

Megan Standifer, Fashion Editor
September 24, 2021

Forgot to wear your class colors today? Don't worry! Next Friday, for the rescheduled pep rally, LHS is doing a school colors day pt.2. Go all out next week, more photos to come!  

Seniors Jacob Harmon, Ally Iaconis, Sophia Brockney, Robin Batchelor, Ahna Gainey

Spirit Week Day 4: Country Club Day

Megan Standifer, Fashion Editor
September 23, 2021

LHS went all out with today's new theme, Country Club Day. Students and staff dressed preppy with sweaters and visors.

EMT student shares personal account of MST program

EMT student shares personal account of MST program

AJ D'Alessandro, Reporter
September 5, 2021

When 2021 graduate AJ D'Alessandro was a senior at LHS, he went to the Manchester School of Technology (MST) in the Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) program. Below is a first-hand account of his experience....

Maya brings Murphy joy in during the struggles that her cancer brings.

Beloved LHS teacher battles cancer with support of the community

Olivia Windisch, Sports Chief
June 10, 2021

Ms. Murphy, more commonly known as “Murph” around the halls of LHS, has been battling a rare “1 in a million” cancer called Synovial Sarcoma. Murphy has been unable to attend school in-person this...

The cast of Little Shop of Horrors poses as they wrap up filming of their virtual musical

Seniors take their final bow as LHS Drama wraps up their virtual musical

Audrey DeAngelis, Assistant Editor in Chief
June 9, 2021

This school year has been anything but normal. Between being hybrid, to fully remote, to now every student back together in person, constant challenges have been thrown at students and clubs. Some of these...

Cinematography and audio directors Garrett Calusdian (left midground) and Spencer McIntyre (right midground) set up a shot for “Facade”. This picture features some of the cast and crew of the film during production, with actor Sean O’Mara in the foreground and extras Annika Suckow (left) and Makenzie Gainey (right) in the background.

LHS Video and Podcasting Club: Students Turned Filmmakers

Josh Truesdale, Creative Writing Editor
May 28, 2021

Update: The winning films were announced on Friday, May 28. Out of 54 submitted films, “Façade” won fifth place. Click the hyperlinks to view “Façade” and the rest of the films in the NHHSSFF...

Freshman Amanda Robinson enjoys the view of a hike in September 2020. It was during the pandemic that she discovered how much she loves hiking.

Nature helps student cope during COVID-19

Freshman Amanda Robinson discovered how nature could be a "positive outlet" during difficult times throughout the pandemic.
Makenna Lord, Reporter
May 20, 2021

With the scent of fresh air, the touch of a slight breeze, the leaves crunching under her feet, and the sight of the horizon getting closer and closer, freshman Amanda Robinson had made it to the top of...

With my mother, Melissa Quinones, just recently pursuing her dream job of becoming a beauty influencer she has gotten many products for her to experiment with. Shown here is all the different shades of lipstick and bottles of primer she has to make herself stand out from the crowd. “It’s like playing with kids toys for fun, except I do this as a job,” Quinones said. Quinones loves to use all sorts of makeup from lipstick to primer to really bring out her inner self and show what pretty really is. “Each shade tells a different story and a bigger picture, that’s the greatness in it,” Quinones said.

Mom brings her beauty knowledge to others

Melissa Quinones decides to share her knowledge of makeup and beauty with followers on Instagram.
Aidan Espinal, Reporter
May 19, 2021

Londonderry resident Melissa Quinones knows beauty, and now she wants to share this knowledge with others. Quinones has recently begun pursuing her dream job of becoming a beauty influencer,...

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