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Senior Abby Rollison shares her first tattoo just a few days after turning 18. The blooming flowers signified the beauty of the next chapter of her life after recovery.

Senior uses her new ink to inspire herself and others

Kat Hallee, Executive Features Editor
February 19, 2021

There is often a stigma behind getting tattoos, especially for young people as they turn 18. This didn’t stop senior Abby Rollison from getting her tattoos as a reminder of how far she has come on her...

Young Hagymas diligently works on a math assignment at the kitchen table within her home. Until her senior year of high school, she had begun almost every day alike to this one.

Sophie Hagymas decides to spend her senior year at LHS

Makenna Lord, Reporter
February 12, 2021

Returning to school during a pandemic continues to be an adjustment for all of us, but for senior Sophie Hagymas, it has been even more challenging.  From second grade up until the end of her junior...

Senior Brian Gould focuses on the hoop as he readies himself to take a free throw

How quarantine changed senior Brian Gould

Jackson Cox , Reporter
February 10, 2021

Last year during every varsity basketball game, senior Brian Gould always found himself sitting at the end of the bench, watching time run off the clock. Quarters, halves, and entire games would go by...

Bella Bouchard attends a Bernie Sanders rally on December 10, 2019. Bouchard attended this event to support Sanders, her ideal candidate.

Bella Bouchard speaks out about activism

Alisha Khalil, Reporter
February 5, 2021

After George Floyd’s death, senior Bella Bouchard could no longer stay quiet. Bouchard felt it was “imperative” to start speaking out about issues facing the world. As a result of her decision to...

Pep rally advisor and English teacher Mr. Juster introduces the angels of  Pantene Beautiful Lengths in January of 2017

Lancer Lengths brings hope in times of uncertainty with hair donations

Megan Standifer
February 4, 2021

The Lancer Lengths, organized by English teacher Steven Juster, will persevere through all the challenges 2020 has brought to put on the annual hair donation tomorrow, February 5, 2021.  “With...

Holt dancing at Nationals in New York City.

How Ashley Holt became the dancer she is today

Abby Foley, Features Editor
January 28, 2021

Junior Ashley Holt isn’t ready to end her dance career after high school. Spinning her way through life is what has gotten Holt through rough times since a very young age.  It didn’t all start...

Art by: Sathvik Manem

How is political polarization handled in school?

Josh Truesdale , Reporter
January 15, 2021

The recent presidential election, U. S. Capitol riot, and the second impeachment has brought up the idea of political polarization. Politics play a big role in society and are thus often encountered in...

View of this year's display. The display will be open for viewing until around New Year's with no definite closing date determined.

Londonderry resident hosts animated light display

Isabella McCutcheon, Editor-in-Chief
December 23, 2020

In August, most people are probably sitting by a pool and enjoying their summer. However, Londonderry resident Brendan Sevin already has Christmas on his mind.  For the past five years, Sevin has put...

The competition challenged Buatti to create a variety of desserts, including quick bread, cakes, pies and a fruit tart. (Used with permission from The Food Network)

Boys’ varsity volleyball coach takes 6th place in Holiday Baking Championship

Matt Vogel, Features Editor
December 23, 2020

With the holiday season nearly upon us, season seven of Food Network’s Holiday Baking Championship has come to an end. This year’s baking competition featured Lancer Nation’s own boys’ varsity...

Hart-Miller's hard work and dedication to her work and Lancer Nation has lead her to become a NHSSCA finalist.

Lancer Nation’s own Hart-Miller finalist for prestigious award for high school athletic trainers

Olivia Windisch, Executive Sports Editor
December 22, 2020

In and out of the weight room, athletic trainer and strength and conditioning coach Michelle Hart-Miller uses her passion and talent to provide Lancer Nation with the best training possible, so it's not...

Granite State Driving serves all of South New Hampshire and is now focused on Londonderry.

Not sure where to take driver’s ed. during a pandemic? Here’s an option.

Granite State Driving offers classes to all of South New Hampshire, but now is focusing on Londonderry High.
Kaylie Donahue, Magazine Chief
December 14, 2020

A monumental moment in most teens’ lives is when they receive a black and white paper license to signify they can finally hit the road solo. But the question is, with all the craziness that's been 2020,...

Senior Isabella McKnight poses with one of her own designs

Senior Isabella McKnight designs her own future

Audrey DeAngelis, Online Chief
November 27, 2020

As seniors everywhere begin inching closer and closer to the end of their high school careers, the frantic buzz of “what should I do when I leave?” begins.  Should I go to college? The workforce?...

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