This memorial honors LHS alumni who lost their lives while serving. It is located off the main lobby next to the outdoor walkway.
This memorial honors LHS alumni who lost their lives while serving. It is located off the main lobby next to the outdoor walkway.
Photo by Andrew Macpherson

Standing strong for those who’ve fallen

The Blue and Purple Star Lancers held a “ceremony of the fallen soldiers” on April 16 to honor LHS alum who died while serving as an active member of an armed forces unit. It was also an opportunity to show support for Lancer families who have lost a loved one. 

Senior and BSL member Hope Tessier is glad to help organize this event for these families.

“The BSL is a great community of people who all came together to put on a ceremony for the fallen soldiers of our school and their families,” Tessier said. 

Tessier believes that it is important for this club to host this ceremony because of the impact it makes on the people. 

“This sacrifice should be honored and remembered, and I’m glad the BSL was able to do that for them,” Tessier said. 

Tessier was effected by the emotions she felt during the ceremony, but also the impact the ceremony had on the fallen soldiers’ families. 

“During the ceremony, I felt very heavy-hearted, seeing the relatives of the fallen soldiers mourn their loved ones was extremely difficult,” Tessier said. “But the fact that they appreciated the BSL so much for putting the ceremony on made me very glad we decided to do it.” 

Junior Purple Star Bailey Clevenger knows that the ceremony was a good experience because we put it on for alumni.

Junior member Bailey Clevenger, son of Joshua Clevenger Army SSGT, felt connected to the ceremony because of his family relationship. 

“This community cares about its alumni, especially the ones that have served and not made it back,” Clevenger said. “It’s nice to see that we can honor them.”

Clevenger agreed with the rest of Purple and Blue Stars because it was a very emotional event for them to participate in. 

“The ceremony made me feel solem for the fallen,” Clevenger said. “I also felt very heavy hearted for the mothers of the fallen as well.” 

Blue Star Lancer Adviser Elizabeth Juster is “very proud” of her students for making an impact on the community. 

“[I’m]  very grateful that we had the opportunity to do this,” Juster said. 

Juster knows that her group may not be the biggest, but she knows that they make “impacts on the community.” 

“Although we’re a small group, what we do has meaning and value.” Juster said. “We represent all of Lancer Nation when we show that here at LHS, we truly do love our troops.  

Juster is often impacted by work, and passion her students put into their annual ceremonies. 

“It’s an opportunity to stop, remember, and be grateful,” Juster said.

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