Advice to sophomores from an upperclassman


Art by Alp Okyar

Rachel Cook, Health & Lifestyle Editor

Dear Sophomores,

You’ve made it through your first year of high school, and it’s time to celebrate. No longer can anyone call you a freshie or make fun of you for having a “freshman backpack”.

With one year under your belt, sophomore year will be a breeze. By now you know how to navigate an entire building that under a year ago was completely foreign to you. You’re used to the high school routine and have figured out how to get by, getting done what you need to get done.

Sophomore year is much more relaxing than freshman year, as you are already used to the workload. You may be taking on some Honors and AP classes, but you’ll find if you manage your time wisely, these classes won’t be too bad. These courses can be difficult, but if you start assignments early and take just ten minutes to review what you’ve learned each night, your life will be much easier the night before a test.

With sophomore year comes even more responsibilities, but you will be ready as you mature and become a role model to the new freshmen. You may learn to drive, be inducted into honors societies, apply for a job, become higher ranked in a sport or become a leader in various clubs or music groups.

If you were more reserved freshman year in trying out different activities, this is the year to become more open to joining various clubs or sports. You will find later on in the year when you are in need of signatures for things such as a parking pass or a National Honors Society application, the more inside of school activities you have been or currently are involved in will really help you out. Rally up a group of friends to all join an activity together, and you will all benefit while having fun. More importantly, you may find something you’re passionate about and will feel more connected to Lancer Nation.

Staying motivated in academics and trying your very best are very important aspects of sophomore year, as you are getting even closer to thinking about where you want to go with your future. This doesn’t mean you can’t have one bad week or test score, but if you work hard to make your way back up the totem pole, you’ll find yourself succeeding. If your grades weren’t at their finest freshman year, now is your chance to boost that GPA back up. Don’t shy away from extra help sessions because your teachers are here to help you succeed.

Sophomore year is also a year where you will make more and closer friends, as you may find that a majority of your friends take similar level classes as you. All of you are trying to get through these classes together, so everyone helps each other out.

Try planning study groups with your friends so that you are ahead of the game in your classes. Sometimes a friend can easily help clarify something you’re confused on, and then you can approach your teacher for further questions now that you’ve actually had time to process the material.

Enjoy sophomore year as it lasts because it really does fly by—even faster than freshman year. You’re not at the bottom of the school anymore, and lots of exciting things happen as you are becoming older and taking on different responsibilities.

Before you know it, you’ll be halfway done with your high school career!


A 2017-2018 Junior

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