V-Day shouldn’t feel like D-Day

Rachel St. Louis, Copy Chief

Okay lovers, third wheels and others.

There are five days until the fourteenth of February, a day misinterpreted and commercialized to the point where the organic aisle runs out of the grocery store screaming, “No! Not Valentine’s Day!”

So here’s what I have to advise you.


First off, never buy a girl just one flower. Get more than a wilting rose, boys! If your girl is an extrovert, give her at least four flowers of your choice.

On the other hand, if she’s an introvert, make sure to give her the whole bouquet. You definitely have to know your girl and her personality for this holiday.

Next, you have to get her some sweets that won’t rot her teeth. Don’t be cheap by getting her one of those five dollar boxes of chocolate.

You have to remember that Valentine’s Day can make some people gag, so at least hide the price tag.

(No, I’m kidding. Don’t do that. The girl will know how cut-rate your box of chocolates was the moment she tastes a piece.)

Alright guys, I understand. It’s not always easy to ignore the fake fancily-wrapped chocolate boxes that are red, pink and every cheesy color in-between.

But instead, do something that will be special to just her and only her, whether you buy her jewelry (be careful, it’s not always the go-to) or maybe a new pair of skates. Be her cherished guy, and try to trace it back to your first date.


Alright ladies, who is usually the one treated on Valentine’s day? You.

But you know what? You can profess love, too.

Remember this advice:

Not everything on the shelves are quite as nice as a new watch, a Pats iPhone case or even a gift card. But this isn’t a competition.

It’s about the relationship, so you don’t even have to buy anything at all.

Give him the adoration he gives you, and try not to stall.

But above all else, know your guy. I can’t stress enough how different boys can be when it comes to buying them gifts.

So don’t take this day for granted, girls, and make sure his coffee has that sweet caramel swirl.


Cards. You know, those folded slips of printed mush?

If you do buy a card, avoid the rush. Either get the best one on the shelf, or make the card yourself.

Usually, it’s smarter to go with the type that doesn’t have a novel printed in the inside if you’re purchasing a card.

This way, there’ll be room for your own writing… a few emotional words, a paragraph or even your own novel.

Cards are just the first phase. After that, stop walking the commercialized trail, and BLAZE!

Create the path you both want, and buy a croissant to kick off your relationship during this cold, yet heartwarming month.