Ghostly get-ups to raise your spirits this Halloween

Photo by Erin Carlson
Junior Isabella McCutcheon (yellow), senior Jillian Morani (green), sophomore Laura Haas (blue), senior Kait Bedell (red), and senior Sean Cavanaugh (purple) get into the wacky spirit of their collaborated costumes. Each of their shirts cost $3 to produce, making the combined total for the entire ensemble $15.
Photo by Erin Carlson
Junior Isabella McCutcheon (Mike Wazowski) can’t bare to watch senior Jillian Morani (Boo) almost fall from the bench; senior Sean Cavanaugh (Sully) prepares to catch Morani if she falls. Each of the trio’s costumes cost $5 to create; all three costumes combined totaled $15.

With Halloween just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start thinking about costume ideas. Finding the perfect costume to rattle the bones of your peers can be stressful, but maybe these 30 ideas can make this Halloween a “no-brainer.”

If you’re in the mood to rock through your neighborhood with a group of friends, here are some killer costumes for groups of three or more. 

  1. Ghostbusters

  2. Sully, Mike and Boo

  3. Thing 1, Thing 2, Thing 3 and Cat in the Hat

  4. Each other (style swap with those in your group)

  5. Heathers

  6. The Breakfast Club

  7. Grease

  8. Stranger Things

  9. Snapchat filters

  10. M&Ms

With a quick trip to Walmart and A. C. Moore for supplies, you can create these costumes yourself without tricking your wallet. Check out my interpretations of costume these ideas.

I used t-shirts, felt sheets, and Velcro to create those wonderful Monsters Inc. costumes; the M&Ms were even more simple using only t-shirts, regular printer paper, and Velcro once again. Each set took about an hour to complete-now that’s a treat!

Maybe you thought doing a big group costume would be too confusing to organize; you’d like to go trick or treating with just one other person.

Here are ten duo costumes to stay funny and festive during this spooky holiday.

  1. Devil and Angel

  2. Creepy Twins

  3. Salt and Pepper

  4. Christopher Robin and Winnie the Pooh

  5. Mickey and Minnie

  6. Favorite famous couple

  7. Woody and Buzz Lightyear

  8. Holy Cow and Oh Deer

  9. Man in the Yellow Hat and Curious George

  10. Han Solo and Chewbacca

Photo by Kat Hallee
Seniors Hailey Mosher (left) and Marissa McKay (right) fight over who has the better Halloween costume. Mosher’s angel costume cost a total of $16 and McKay’s cost $13.

One visit to Walmart allowed me to complete these two adorable costume ideas. I took full advantage of the costume kits available in the store, each of which costing less than $10.

If you’re willing to go the extra mile, adding a basic t-shirt and tutu to any of these costume kits can go a long way for improving your costume, but beware, the price of a captivating costume can add up quickly; there’s no need to spend more than what’s necessary to make a lasting impression.

Now, you’ve tried getting a large group of your closest friends to dress up with you, but a few stragglers just can’t seem to get into the spirit. Then you thought about dressing up with just one partner to keep it simple, but you two just can’t agree on what to dress up as. Finally, you decide to focus on your own costume. 

There is no shame in dressing up by yourself and making a solo statement that’s sure to WOW your friends. Here are ten costume ideas for those flying soul-o.

  1. Favorite superhero or villain

  2. Favorite Tik Tok or meme

  3. Favorite animal

  4. Decade

  5. Inflatable T-Rex

  6. Pennywise

  7. Jack Skellington

  8. Three-hole-punch Jim

  9. Bob Ross

  10. Porcelain doll

This final costume I tried myself was, again, only a quick trip to Walmart. I utilized a cheap black cat kit they had available as well as a plain black t-shirt.

Photo by Kat Hallee
Junior Isabella McCutcheon lays down her ferocious side at the thought of a pur-fect night of trick-or-treating. McCutcheon’s costume cost a total of $6.

If you’re looking for an extra challenge, try creating the pieces of the kit yourself! Simple ears can be created using fabric sheets, a thin headband, and some hot glue while those cute tails can be made from fabric, hot glue, and cotton balls (or some Poly-fil stuffing if you’re feeling batty). This same process would apply to most other kits available in stores, but that may prove to be a little more expensive.

Hopefully these quick, easy, and festive ideas could get your creative inspiration flowing as the haunting Halloween night approaches. But above all else, make sure you have fun with whatever costume you decide, because it’s how you celebrate that makes this particular holiday special, so go crazy! And don’t forget to get in a good scare or two as well.

Have a haunting 2019 Halloween!