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Women to watch for March 11: Carol Mack

Today’s “Woman to Watch” is retired Matthew Thornton Elementary School administrator, Carol Mack for her service to the school district and town of Londonderry. 

Seven years ago, Carol Mack left the Londonderry school district, leaving a legacy of kindness at Matthew Thornton Elementary School. 

“I thought that I could never be an administrator, but thanks to the wonderful people I worked with, I was able to work as a Principal, which was a job I loved,” Mack said. 

At Matthew Thornton, Mack held the positions of Principal, Vice Principal and a first grade teacher over her 27 year teaching and administrative career, where she influenced many students. 

“She [Mack] definitely impacted me,” Senior Gia Komst said. “She showed me that administrators can really care about their students and be personal to others, not just be someone who gets you in trouble. She made me realize you should love your job everyday and that’s what also made her a good principal.”

Mack will “always” love the school, as she believes the school is a “very special place.”

“I always had students that cared,” Mack said.  “We had good kids that wanted to do nice things for people.”

In regards to her personal life, Mack is thankful for the family she was welcomed into when she married Andy Mack 31 years ago. 

“[The Mack] family represents the best of what Londonderry has to offer,” Mack said.  “Much of the land that the schools sit on was donated by Andy’s family to the town.”

Moving to Londonderry, Mack was only able to meet people in her neighborhood but as soon as she met administrators and teachers in the school district, she was encouraged to get involved and give her time to supplement what the school provided. 

“I think about how scared I was to become a teacher and yet, that was my destiny,” Mack said. 

As for one of her favorite parts of retirement, Mack loves to “see past students and families” while she’s grocery shopping or working out at The Workout Club. 

“Seeing former students and parents makes me realize how important a teacher is and how much of an impact one person can have on someone’s life,” Mack said. 

Mack wishes to encourage the students and children, especially females, in Londonderry to “make the most of the opportunities” they have and to “seek out ways to develop your talents.”

“I want to thank the town,” Mack said. “They allowed me to work in the schools and become an administrator. I was able to have a career here and hopefully, I will be able to give back to Londonderry in the next couple of years.”

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