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Photo courtesy of Carasquillo

Carasquillo leans on her desk in the main office.

Women to Watch for March 26: Elsie Rivera Carasquillo

The Lancer Spirit is celebrating the women of Londonderry during the month of March in honor of Women’s History Month. For each day of the month, LSO will be highlighting an inspiring woman within the Londonderry community who has demonstrated strong leadership and influential behavior.

Today’s “Woman to Watch” is LHS Main Office Assistant Elsie Rivera Carasquillo for running Big Buddies and supporting young women in everything she does.

From running Big Buddies to working in the main office, Main Office Assistant Elsie Rivera Carasquillo is always trying to support and uplift students.

Each year that she is involved with the program, Carasquillo is amazed at the connections the high schoolers and elementary schoolers in Big Buddies form.

“It makes me so proud of all of the high school students who give their time to the little ones,” Carasquillo said.

With Big Buddies and in her personal life, she has a very “we’re all in this together” mindset. In times like these, this is extremely beneficial to the community and the students going in and out of the Main Office. 

“We must keep in mind that we are all one,” Carasquillo said, “that everyone is trying to achieve his or her own goals at his or her own pace. Do not step on others, in order to move up in life.”

Carasquillo believes when working on yourself it is important to remember, not only your individuality, but everyone else’s as well. 

“Always remember that not everyone is like you, that’s what makes us a world,” Carasquillo said. “Be patient, be kind, be accepting and help others on your way to achieving your own goals. It will make your journey a complete and fulfilling one.”

When connecting with the community, Carasquillo wants people to remember that being together is what makes a community so great. 

“You are not alone,” Carasquillo said. “The community is your world. If you take care of the around you, you’ll live in a healthier, more stable environment.”

She also believes giving material things is not the only way to give back to the community.

“It’s important to help and share, not only what you have, but also your time,” Carasquillo said. “Give to the elderly, because they created this beautiful community you live in. Give to the children so that they can grow up healthy and continue helping the community’s progress. Give to the churches or religious places in your town; they keep people of faith grounded and hopeful. Giving back has always been my motto. If we all rise together, we will be stronger together.”

Carasquillo finds inspiration in and tries to learn from all of the females that she comes across.

“Every single woman that has crossed my path, beginning with my grandmother and all the way to my daughter and granddaughter, has inspired me to become the person I am today,” Carasquillo said. “I’ve met many hard working women throughout my walk through life, which I look up to, respect, and who have all offered me many different lessons.”

Carasquillo takes the lessons that she’s learned over the years and tries to pass them along to the next generation of girls. 

“The advice I would give the woman of Londonderry is, life is a long winding road and you don’t have to be just one thing throughout your life.”

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