Digital yearbook signing


Photo courtesy of Jostens Digital Yearbook Signing Pages

The art displayed on the digital yearbook signing’s website.

As the school year comes too an end, hard copies of the 19-20 yearbooks will be mailed to students who purchased one. Since it would be harder to collect signatures from your favorite staff members and friends in quarantine, the digital signing  makes it possible. Every student is given a unique link to a blank “page” in which they can share with anyone in order to collect their signature.

“Even decades later these funny, inspiring, and heartfelt messages will continue to live on in each student’s yearbook,” said Yearbook club advisor Mrs.Diamond. “It is a time in their life to remember and reminisce on.”

Once you gather all the signatures you wanted, you can print the page out and add it to your actual yearbook. Any undesired messages written on your page can also be easily deleted by the page owner.