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Photo courtesy of Ms. Corrao

Ms. Corrao

2020 has proven to be a year of many twists and turns, forcing even the most experienced teachers to change up their teaching styles. 

Despite this year being her first teaching, math teacher Anna Corrao is ready to take on the challenge.

Corrao has been a New Hampshire resident her entire life, as she grew up in Bedford. It was through the University of New Hampshire that she began her journey in the field of education.

“I graduated from UNH with my Masters in Education,” Corrao said. “Through that I began student teaching at Exeter High School and Cooperative Middle School last year.”

Corrao was drawn to LHS by its immediate sense of community and welcoming feeling.

 “I knew that LHS would feel like a home away from home,” Corrao said. “I could not pass up the opportunity to be a part of Lancer Nation and see what it was all about.”

Despite the obstacles that COVID-19 has posed to the school year, Corrao is excited to have the chance to teach in-person classes and not instruct solely online. 

“Being able to have the in-person classes is when I will really get to know my students so I am glad we have that opportunity here at Londonderry with the hybrid model,” Corrao said.

Corrao plans to act as a supportive role model for her students. She is determined to let her students know that they can excel as long as they put in their best effort.

“I want all of my students to leave my class thinking ‘I’m a math-person,’” Corrao said. “I want all students to recognize they can do it if they challenge themselves.”

Besides teaching, Corrao enjoys taking advantage of the New Hampshire scenery by hiking and visiting the beach. She also has a strong passion for tennis. 

“I love to play tennis whenever I can and have played competitively since I was eight years old,” Corrao said. 

While it may seem to be more difficult to hold the interests of students in a coronavirus world, Corrao plans to keep her lessons entertaining and thought-provoking.

“I hope to find engaging and exciting ways for students to learn math,” Corrao said. “I hope to bring an energy that is infectious in my students and make everyone a little more excited for math.”

Corrao wants her students to know there’s no shame in struggling. Especially with all the uncertainties that surround this year, she urges students to keep their heads high and take it one day at a time.

“No one will be perfect 100 percent of the time. Persevere through the challenges and you will look back and be grateful for the experience,” Corrao said.

Corrao wants us all to remember that “everything passes, the good and the bad.” While it may be harder to look on the bright side of things, she encourages students to make the most out of this year. 

“The bad moments will seem like they are going on forever but it will pass. The good moments will pass by at the blink of the eye,” Corrao said. “So it is important to enjoy your experiences here at LHS in the moment because it all will fly by.”

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