Futures Lab provides ‘Brown Bag Workshops’ on entering workforce

Allie Marsh, Reporter

The Futures Lab is at it again, helping students with all things college and career.

The Brown Bag Workshop gives kids the opportunity to enjoy their lunch while learning about something that sparks their interest or hearing tips and advice for their future.

Senior Stefanie Green speaks to students at the first Brown Bag Workshop in September about job shadowing.

“[The Brown Bag Lunch] allows kids the opportunity to see what it is like in the real world,” Senior Stephanie Green said. “It teaches you how to be professional and how to act in that sort of an environment. It opens kid’s eyes to the business world and gives a taste of what it is like in an office.”

Workshops are hosted every month in room 221 by the Future’s Lab. They bring in LHS staff members, college employees, and many other surprise guests during all four lunch periods to shed a little light on various topics.

The best part: they serve you dessert.


Mrs. Chisholm, along with Ms. Johnson and Mrs. Robinson, direct the Futures Labs. They work to provide resources for students to get a head start on the college process and entering the workforce.

“Brown Bag Lunches are such a great opportunity for kids to see hands-on what the real world is like. There is so much information out there for kids they just don’t know where to find it. We are giving them one more outlet to spark their interest in the variety of different topics out there,” Mrs. Chisholm, director of the Futures Lab, said.


Come on down to talk about everything the real world can offer you.

To sign up, head to the Future’s Lab located

in the main lobby.

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