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Photo Courtesy of Angela Harrison

House One Counselor, Mrs. Harrison says “my door is always open and I would love to meet you”.

Angela Harrison, School Counselor

House One, as well as the rest of the Londonderry High School staff, faculty and students, are glad to be welcoming Mrs. Angela Harrison into our school as a guidance counselor. Harrison is so excited to be part of Lancer Nation.

Although this is Mrs. Harrison’s first year at LHS, she has had experience elsewhere as a guidance counselor. 

“Prior to coming to LHS I was a counselor for three years at a small charter school in Manchester called The Founders Academy. Just the size of LHS is much larger than I’m used to, so this is a change that I’m super excited for,” Harrison said. 

Harrison ultimately chose LHS because of the great things she heard about the community. She has been able to see this already within the short time that she’s been here.

“What I’ve found since this school year has started is that the community has lived up to the hype,” Harrison said. “The people here, both students and staff, have really made me feel welcome in a short amount of time.”

In her free time Harrison loves to be outdoors. Some of her favorite activities include reading on the beach, biking, and kayaking. She is also very dedicated to animal rescue.

“I’m super passionate about animal rescue and hope to one day own a large plot of land and start a nonprofit to rescue dogs,” Harrison said. “This dream may be a long shot, but it’s a goal of mine. Maybe after retirement further down the road.”

Harrison has set goals for herself that she is already working hard to achieve. Getting to know her students and fellow colleagues is very important to her. She wants everyone to know that “her door is always open and she would love to meet you”.

“My main goal this year really is to establish positive connections,” Harrison said. “It’s simple, but I think it’s the foundation of being a good school counselor. I won’t be able to do my job well if I don’t know the students and teachers in the building. With this being my first year at LHS and also coming out of remote learning last year, building relationships needs to be at the forefront. With that, everything else will fall into place.”

Harrison is dedicated to making her students feel welcome and safe, something she longed for during her high school career. 

“I think it’s important for me to share that a large reason why I decided to become a school counselor is that high school was difficult for me,” Harrison. “So often we see school staff come back to do the work they do because they loved their school experience. I’m in this role because I had the opposite experience – challenging in so many ways and it was difficult to identify a trusted adult I had a great relationship with. I wanted to be a school counselor for many reasons, but partly because I wanted to make sure I can be that person for some of the students feeling the same way I did.”





















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