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Saint Patrick’s Day, a holiday to not remember

Art by Sathvik Manam
The three different stages of celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day.

Saint Patrick’s Day goes from fun, to boring, to fun again. You go from believing a leprechaun came to your house, to not even remembering the day exists, and then when you’re an adult, you get to go to parties that you might not remember the next day. 

As a kid you look forward to waking up to chocolate gold coins, tricks played by a leprechaun, and green colored food and drinks. You go to school and walk into the classroom and everything seems to be moved around and messed up because the leprechaun paid a visit there too. 

Sometimes you even can look forward to a party at school where you can decorate cookies, wear all green, have Saint Patrick’s Day related school work, which isn’t even work at all, and overall just have a fun day.

The night before Saint Patrick’s Day you wonder what the leprechaun will do to your room, your house, what gifts they will leave you, or if they will even come at all. The anticipation you have the night before is almost just as exciting as waking up and seeing all the mischief that was caused. 

Saint Patrick’s Day as a kid is just another holiday to celebrate and an excuse to eat green colored junk food and dress up in fun green clothes.

Now when you get to middle school and high school, Saint Patrick’s Day pretty much doesn’t even exist. There’s no related events for it in school, and there is no more leprechaun. The day is pretty much normal. Maybe your parents have something fun planned at home, but a lot of the time, that isn’t the case. 

Being 17 years old, Saint Patrick’s Day is boring. There I said it. Other people may say differently, but what is there to do? 

Your alarm wakes you up, you get ready for school if it’s not a weekend, go to school, do your work, go home, do more work, and that’s it. Normal. Saint Patrick’s Day is nothing special anymore. 

I wish there was more to do on Saint Patrick’s Day when you’re a teenager. I think I would actually remember that it exists if there was something to look forward to. I guess you could go out with friends, but I do that regularly so it wouldn’t be anything special for that day. 

As boring as Saint Patty’s Day is as a teen, I always hear how fun it is as an adult. There are parties to go to, more people to hangout with, and more places to go since you’ll be of age.

Obviously being responsible, having fun with your friends as an adult seems like something to look forward to. I personally have heard from my parents and their friends that they always look forward to celebrating Saint Patty’s Day. 

I am excited to see what it’s like to celebrate the day when I’m older. I hope it’s as fun as adults make it seem, but for now Saint Patrick’s Day is just like any other day. 

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Abby Foley, Executive Features Editor
Senior Abby Foley has been on the Lancer Spirit Staff for three years, and has worked her way up to being the Executive Features Editor. In her free time, Abby enjoys hanging out with her friends, and playing with her dog.

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Saint Patrick’s Day, a holiday to not remember