A Letter from the Editor: On finals

A midterm love letter from the Editor in Chief.

The time is now.

When the early morning alarm symbolizes more than just a full school day, but the decision of your grade. When the drive-in isn’t filled with music, but frantic study sessions. When the freshman, sophomores, and juniors are found bouncing from class to class for last minute questions, while the seniors are sleeping in, and planning where to get lunch.

Yes, Lancer Nation: midterm week has arrived.

Known as Semester End Assessments (or SEAs) this year, this hectic week in January is always one for the books. I still remember January of my freshman year, with a full eight class schedule, being one of the worst weeks of my life (I will never forget getting a 75 on my Honors English 9 midterm, single handedly one of the hardest classes I’ve taken).

But now that I am a grown senior, and currently planning on where I’m going to lunch this week, I’ve learned some valuable lessons that I want to share with you all.

  1. Stress makes it worse.

I know it sounds easy in hindsight, but try not to be stressed. Your brain cannot retain the information and your stress levels at the same time, so one of them has to give. You know your stuff, so own it.

2. Focus on what matters.

If you are a fantastic math student, there’s no need to study crazy hard for your math SEA. Instead, focus the energy and study hours on something you’re less confident in: English, science, or even an elective class. 

3. Reward yourself.

This week is long. You’re going to be tired and drained, but acknowledge your hard work. Treat yourself and your friends to a fun afternoon after your chemistry SEA, or head out on a selfcare day after your U.S History SEA. Reward yourself—you deserve it.

Keep counting down the days until Friday, Lancer Nation. A new semester is almost here. Go crush it this week!


Signing off,

Makenna True