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Course Name: Guitar

Teacher: Ms. Dawson

Course Description: This music course is designed for students who have an interest in learning basic guitar skills. Students will learn rhythm and lead playing styles, chord progressions, and basic tablature. Music chosen for study will be from the modern era, like rock, blues, alternative and country. It is helpful if students own their own guitar, however the school will provide instruments for students who do not. This class is specifically designed for beginners, while more advanced players may be given supplemental materials.

Course Name: Piano

Teacher: Mrs. Loschiavo

Course Description: This music instruction course is designed for students who have an interest in learning basic piano skills. Notation reading, study of major and minor scales, chords, progressions, and harmonization with melodies will be learned, practiced and performed. Solo, duet and some ensemble works from different periods will also be included. Students should have access to a piano or keyboard outside of school, as daily practice will be expected. This class is especially suited for the beginning pianist.

Course Name: CP Music Theory

Course Description: This is a program designed to introduce the serious-minded musician to the basic fundamentals of music and the complexities of analyzing musical elements and structures. Participants in this course must be able to read and understand music notation at an intermediate level. Students will learn to identify key signatures, define intervals, build and identify chord structures, take melodic, rhythmic, and harmonic dictation, develop keyboard familiarity, sight-sing musical notation, and develop musical vocabulary.

In addition, students will construct major and minor scales, analyze form, and study tonality and modality. Through the study of elementary harmony, students will analyze and compose four-part harmonization of melodies, using primary and secondary chords, and will progress through learning how to compose music of their own.

This course is offered concurrently for college and high school credit through SNHU and Londonderry High School.

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