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Tech Ed.

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Course Name: Digital Media Production/Advanced Digital Media Production

Teacher Name: Teachers may vary

Available to grades 11 & 12 – Full year class – May take both years.

Course Description: What will I do? Make short films, enter contests, produce music videos, make spoof commercials, create single and multi-camera productions, shoot, edit and upload video from your phone, and gain professional experience from opportunities outside of class.

Everyone will produce, direct, write, and edit a variety of video projects. Great skills for anyone whether or not planning on a media career. College and career options are discussed.

Graduates of the program have gone on to many different colleges majoring in multimedia. Alumni are feature film/documentary editors, music video cinematographers, a videographer on Live reality TV and video game designers.

Course Name: Audio Production & Podcasting

Teacher: Teachers may vary

Available to grades 9-12

Podcasts will be heard on WLLO-LP, 102.9 FM and Online

Course Description: What will I learn? Sound recording, audio editing, interviewing, conversational writing and how to speak on-air.

What kind of podcasts can I make? Discuss your favorite YouTube channels, movies or TV shows. Review video games. Sports talk or commentary. What are you interested in? Bring your ideas. Can I do music shows? You sure can!


Course Name: Metals

Teacher: Mr. DeCloux

OPEN to grades 9 – 12.

Fulfills MATH experience requirement.

Course Description: Enjoy FOUR semesters of ADVANCED METALS. Exploring Metals, Metals Tech, Advanced Metals

Come on down and make some beautiful, useful HANDS-ON projects in this fun, collaborative, interesting and unique class.  ​

Create and Design your own projects from ROSES, RINGS and other jewelry to large complex projects like FIRE PITS, CAR AND TRUCK PARTS, and everything in-between!  DESIGN, CREATE and LEARN.

JOBS and SKILLS in Robotics, manufacturing, welding, machining, aluminum casting, sheet metal come in handy.

Course Name: WoodworkingPicture2

Teacher: Craig McCauley


Course Description: There are many woodworking courses offered at LHS. Woodworking is not just for the student that wants to do this for a living but also for students who are looking for an enjoyable class where they can make some awesome projects while learning valuable skills.

The atmosphere is relaxed and students can work at their own pace with plenty of one on one teacher assistance. Many classes are designed for students with little or no woodworking experience. There is even an advanced level class that will challenge those experienced students to new heights!

Courses Offered (See the Program of Studies for specific course descriptions):

  • Exploring Woodworking Skills
  • Woodworking Technology
  • Advanced Woodworking Tech
  • Entrepreneurial Woodworking

Course Name: Entrepreneurial Woodworking

Teacher: Craig McCauley

Course Description: This class is designed for the student that may want to own their own business someday (does not have to be a woodworking business!). The class will be set up as a company (Lancer Custom Woodworking). Students will take orders for some custom woodworking from real customers. Students will then create sketches, bill of material and finally a written estimate that they will present to the customer.

Students will then build the product and present it to the customer. This is a great, fun way to experience what it is like to have your own business. Mr. Ciccarello has his own business and will share many real life experiences to students as they move through the course.

Prerequisite: You must have taken at least one of the following woodworking classes to take this course:

  • Exploring Woodworking Skills
  • Woodworking Tech.
  • Advanced Woodworking
  • Open to grades 10-12

Course Name: CP Photography 

Teacher: Mr. Wood    

Open to grades 10-12

Course Description: This course will introduce the student to the historical, practical, and industrial uses of photography. Lenses, developing chemicals, camera construction, film, paper and finishing techniques will be studied. Applications of the scientific aspects as well as hobby interest in photography are explored through related activities 

Course Name: Computer Graphic Design 

Teacher: Mr. Wood  

Course Description: This course will provide the student to learn how the computer is used to layout and design the printed page.  The student will learn about the design steps and the how to use various equipment in the production of a printed image.  Areas of work will be in design, Screen Printing and Offset Lithography.

Course Name: Exploring Graphic Arts 

Teacher: Mr. Wood          

Course Description: This exploratory course is designed to provide the student with an introduction to the processes, techniques and equipment involved in the printing industry of today. Students will begin to understand how the printing and graphics industry create the images and printed items seen every day in our society. This course is an overview of the printing processes of: Relief, Intaglio, and Lithography, Screen printing, Flexography and Thermography. The student will be involved with learning how to design, create a layout and print the finished product from start to finish.

Course Name: Pre-Engineering

Teacher: Mr. Konieczny

Course Description: These classes are for students who like math and science and may be interested in pursuing an engineering degree.  Classes are “project-based” where students work in teams applying math and science concepts in order to successfully  complete hands-on design challenges.

Course Name: Introduction to Engineering Design

Teacher: Mr. Konieczny

Grades 9-12; Fulfills Technology Requirement and fulfills Math Experience requirement

Course Description: Students dig deep into the engineering design process, applying math, science   engineering standards to design challenges with an emphasis on mechanical engineering and 3D modeling.

Course Name: Principles of Engineering/Principles of Engineering Honors Level

Teacher: Mr. Konieczny

Grades 10-12;    Fulfills Math Experience requirement

Course Description: Students explore a broad range of engineering fields and topics with numerous design challenge projects related to mechanisms, materials,  electricity, pneumatics and robotics.

Course Name: Digital Electronics/Digital Electronics Honors Level

Teacher: Mr. Konieczny

Grades 11-12;    Fulfills Math Experience requirement

Course Description: From smart phones to appliances, digital circuits are all around us.  Students will develop a foundation in electrical engineering and circuit design useful for all future engineers regardless of type.

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