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House 3 counselor Mrs. Burkhardt wants to “see [students] on the days that are more challenging…[and] on the good days too.” 

May 12, 2023


House three counselor, Mrs. Burkhardt, wants to “get to know students…I want to see them on the days that are more challenging, but I also want to see them on the good days too.” 

House three counselor Kaitlin Burkhardt was drawn to working with all different kinds of students in the education field. She enjoys transitioning students into high school and helping them figure out who they want to be. 

“I get to interact with students who are fun,” Burkhardt said. “They brighten my days.”

Burkhardt doesn’t just help students as their support system, but gets to work with them in a way she loves.

“It’s really special to be able to work with kids that way,” Burkhardt said.

Whether it’s academically, socially, or emotionally, Burkhardt is all ears ready to help whoever is in need.

“I think oftentimes students feel like they’re alone, and we want students to realize they’re not in this alone,” Burkhardt said.

Counselors like Burkhardt are ready to take on whatever the student needs.

“I want to get to know students,” Burkhardt said. “I want to see them on the days that are more challenging, but I also want to see them on the good days too.” 

Whether it’s a good day or a bad day, Burkhardt wants to see anyone in her caseload, or anyone who needs an extra shoulder to lean on. 

“Hopefully students realize this is the place they can come,” Burkhardt said.

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