Aspiring artists encouraged to join art club

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Aspiring artists encouraged to join art club

Madison Martin, Features Editor

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Quite a few brightly colored Lancer head posters have popped up around school recently, and more are sure to appear in the coming weeks. While students in art classes are the ones currently creating the posters, after the first art club meeting on September 29, art club members will be adding posters they’ve made.

The art club has existed in LHS for over thirty years and serves as an open studio for students looking to catch up on some work for their art classes or who just want a space to be creative.

“The club gives students the opportunity to be inspired by each other, experiment with their art work, and try new things,” art teacher and art club adviser Mrs. Hjelm said.

As an open studio, club members are allowed to work on anything they please during meetings including watercolor, acrylic or drawing. The club also supports art in the school by creating posters for school events such as the veterans dinner and prom, or they create create pieces like the Lancer heads to add some extra color to the school’s halls.

Senior art student and art club member Heather Kelley originally came to art club to catch up on her projects in basic design but then decided to keep coming.

“I liked the open studio and how you could just come in and work and a lot of my friends do it now,” Kelley said. “It’s a really chill environment. You just hang out and get your work done.”

While the first meeting for art club will be taking place next on September 29, enrollment will remain open throughout the year.

Art club meetings take place every Tuesday of the month (except every second Tuesday) from 2-3 pm in room 401, which is Mrs. Hjelm’s room. Club members are encouraged to come to as many meeting as they can, but they are allowed to miss a few due to sports practices or other commitments.


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