Students featured on NH Chronicle for NHCCD


Photo used with permission from Mrs. Rocheleau

Riley Walberg, News Editor

Students from metals and woodworking classes joined with 1,000 other students from 49 other schools at the New Hampshire Construction Career Days (NHCCD), on Sept. 22.

The objective of NHCCD is to introduce kids to possible career paths in both the construction and transportation industries through hands-on exhibits and educational resources.

During the day, students were able to try a variety of things, ranging from welding to driving and operating construction vehicles, among others.

At the event, senior Lenny Santosuosso and sophomore Olivia Yerian won the hack saw pipe cutting contest. Both received $25.00 gift certificates as prizes.

The New Hampshire Chronicle covered this event and aired it on Tuesday, October 4.  Junior Kyle Innie was shown driving a bucket truck, and sophomore Nathan Gadzik was interviewed as well.

To watch the Chronicle’s segment on this event, click here.

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