Editorial: We commend LHS community for successfully handling recent bomb threats


Now that the dust has settled and the 100s bathrooms are open again, the Lancer Spirit Editorial Board would like to commend the faculty, administration and police personnel on how well they handled the situation dealing with bomb threats in the school.

We were disappointed that our peers found it appropriate to make such comments, and we found it a cowardly attempt at humor. Just like yelling fire in a crowded movie theater, writing a bomb threat in a school bathroom is not okay.

It is not a funny prank or a way to get out of class.

Fortunately, the threat did not succeed in cancelling school as principal Mr. Parent and the LPD determined through their investigations and professional assessments that it was not credible.

However, this does not mean they didn’t take it seriously, and it doesn’t mean that there were no consequences for those responsible.

The perpetrators are risking possible expulsion and jail time all for a “joke.”

Nobody is laughing.

Making such a threat, which is a felony offense, took up school resources that administrators would have been devoting to our education, not to mention the time police officers would have been using to keep Londonderry safe.

Parent and the assistant principals devoted a countless amount of time and energy to determine the credibility of the threat and to catch the perpetrators.

We would like to especially recognize House 2 Assistant Principal Mr. Secor for staying at the school until 3 a.m., to go through the security tapes to find the culprits.  It was his dedication to the school and his diligence to securing students’ safety that helped find those responsible.

We would also like to praise the teachers for remaining calm and addressing students’ concerns when they were raised.

The increased police presence in the school showed that while the threat was not credible, the entire town took it seriously and the safety of the students is a primary concern. The threat is still under police investigation, but the school is currently pursuing disciplinary action against the perpetrators.  

In light of this threat, Londonderry as a town demonstrated that some kids making an inappropriate mistake won’t alter the spirit of education in the school district or stop the student body from carrying on.

Kudos to you, Londonderry High School community, for successfully getting through a difficult situation.