LHS Sculpture Garden getting a makeover


Melina Illinger, Arts & Entertainment Editor, Art Director


Ms. Johnson and Mrs. Hjelm work together to fill one of their many garbage bags with leaves.

With this school year being her last, Ms. Johnson is ready to leave her mark on Lancer Nation. She plans on making an outdoor classroom in the Sculpture Garden, with bench seating modeled after stadiums and college lecture halls.



LHS art students came out on the morning of election day, forgoing extra time to sleep in and instead helping Ms. Johnson with her idea.

Early Tuesday morning, Ms. Johnson got together a team of students from the art department to start cleaning the Sculpture Garden. Rakes were passed around and garbage bags stuffed to the brim with the fallen leaves previously littering the garden.

The next phase of her plan involves trimming the surrounding trees and planting new grass seed before winter hits.


If you’d like to help set up the garden, visit Ms. Johnson in room 401 for further details.

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