Superfans: Here’s what to do during that awkward, in-between-seasons crisis


Photo by Liz Iaconis

Sophomore Jimmy Fitzgibbons sports striped eye-black to prepare for game day.

Liz Iaconis, News Editor

Now that the Friday night lights are out and all of the fall sports fields are shut down, as a die hard Lancer Superfan, you maybe asking yourself, “What’s next?”

Lancer Nation is dying for the winter sports season to begin, but for any true fan, the time between the fall and winter is a tough one to handle.

How are we supposed to be social human beings without a football game to drag us out of the house on Friday? How on Earth will we spend our Saturdays without a soccer team to root for? What is there to do in this world while we wait hopelessly in anticipation for basketball, hockey and all the other winter sports to begin?  

It’s time to start to prepping, Superfans.  And you only have days–hours even!–to do it.  

So start immediately.

Stock up on face paint and eye black and test out the latest styles. Stripes or triangles this season?

Do some balance exercises so you aren’t that kid that falls off the bleachers at the basketball game.

Better hit the gym so those arms look good when you cut the sleeves off your annual Superfan T-shirt.

Stand in the mirror and work on those facial expressions for the next time you’re on the “roller coaster” at halftime.

Seniors, what’s gonna be the big thing this season? Money signs? Barstool flags?

There is actually a ton to get working on, and you, “Superfan,” haven’t even thought about any of it yet.

What are you thinking? 

It’s time to take action!

Get the show on the road!

Winter sports season is almost here!