‘The Girl on the Train’ delivers with quality screenplay

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‘The Girl on the Train’ delivers with quality screenplay

Michaela Tarquinio, Reporter

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The psychological thriller, The Girl on the Train, directed by Tate Taylor and produced by Marc Platt is not everyone’s idea of an enjoyable movie. Just like Taylor’s hit movie, Gone Girl, the characters are both self destructive and deceitful, creating a sense of discomfort throughout the movie.

Rachel, the main character, is recently divorced, depressed, and an alcoholic. She spends her day to day life commuting on the train while fantasizing about the ‘perfect couple’ she sees through the window on her route everyday.

Her perfect definition of love is suddenly destroyed when she catches a glimpse of the wife, Meagan, cheating. The feeling of comfort she developed watching this couple, craving to be like them, quickly turns into a feeling of sickness.

Meagan is reported as missing only days later, and Rachel feels she must get involved in finding Meagan, as she knows all of her secrets. Rachel becomes so absorbed in figuring out what happened that she finds herself replaying her own past, and facing personal issues and inner struggles. She becomes so paranoid that she soon doesn’t understand what the truth is anymore, or who she even is.

Emily Blunt (Rachel), did an amazing job portraying her character. From facial expressions to certain tones, she sets the scene perfectly for the movie and her character creates a chill up your spine as you watch her spy on others. The madness and struggling she portrays in the movie set a depressing mood, and her insecurities and unstableness give the movie a devastating touch.

Not only did Blunt do an outstanding job in this 7/10 movie, but Taylor created a creepy and uncomfortable atmosphere, really leaving you thinking and a little sketched out. From  dark and creepy lighting, to the numerous angles shot with the camera, you are made to believe you are there and left feeling tense. If you enjoy raw, morbid, and mysterious movies then this movie will definitely have you on the edge of your seat and wanting more.

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