Welcome to Lancer Spirit Online!

Conor Battles, Editor-in-Chief, Arts & Entertainments Editor

Hello and welcome to Lancer Spirit Online!

This website will be the best, most current platform for the Londonderry High School community to see up-to-date news, sports, opinions, and more. Our site is carefully curated by a staff of 16 capable editors to bring the stories that matter to the masses.

This is only the first of many radical shakeups to The Lancer Spirit this year. Check in here every day to see the very latest in school news and stories, and look for our new quarterly newsmagazine to hit newsstands later this fall.

Welcome to the new Lancer Spirit, and thank you to the LHS community for your continued support.



Conor Battles



Crisitan Flores

Online Chief


Malissa Christie

Magazine Chief


Isaac Owens

Broadcast Director


Melina Illinger

Art Director


Emily Schackart

Photography Director


Mikki Woo

Ellie Goodspeed

Savannah Tutt

Features Editors


Lindsey Gunther

Riley Walberg

News Editors


Bella Ziolek

Eric Brown

Opinions Editors


Nate Gaw

June Cranmer

Sports Editors


Shea Robinson

College and Career Editor


Mary Dewinkeleer