‘Why Him?’ leaves audiences in stitches

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‘Why Him?’ leaves audiences in stitches

Michaela Tarquinio, Reporter

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From the moment a daughter is born, there is an instant connection between her and her father. They say a daughter’s first love is always her father, her hero. The same goes for Stephanie and her father, Ned, in the romantic comedy “Why Him?” by John Hamburg.

Until Laird comes along.

Laird is a free spirited, well meaning man that comes from wealth that steals Stephanie’s heart. When Ned and the family go to visit Stephanie over holiday break, she not only introduces Laird to everyone, but has them all stay in his tech ‘club’ house together.

One big happy family. Except for the fact that Ned quickly disapproves of this outspoken, off-the-hook man and his vulgar language.

The holiday turns into a one-sided fight, as Ned is determined to prove to not only Stephanie, but to the family that Laird is not a good influence. He goes absolutely crazy when he finds out Laird may be his future son-in-law.

Laird (James Franco) portrays his character amazingly. He creates an awkward atmosphere that can be felt through the screen, making you just uncomfortable enough to laugh. He plays the role of a hippie man who does not watch his language and when placed in new situations only makes them worse for himself rather than better, leaving Ned and you question… Why Him?

This R-rated film is so funny that it will have you to the point of tears, and send you home laughing for the next day. . . at least. One time watching it is simply not enough, as you will heave with laughter every time you watch it again.


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