Today’s fine art display displays today’s finest artists

AP Art students share their work in end-of-semester art show

Students in Mrs. Dyson’s Advance Placement Art class exhibited what they have been painting, drawing, sculpting and designing this past semester during today’s annual art show, which took place in room 221.  

Unlike in other AP classes, there is no written final exam for these AP Art students. Rather their assessment is portfolio-based, which means at the end of the year the College Board will assess a range of pieces from each artist. Each student is required to digitally submit 12 pieces of their art and send five physical pieces to the College Board.

Below are photos of each artist with his or her selection of work.

All photos by Mary DeWinkeleer

Senior Demi Omanovic

Senior Melina Illinger

Senior Deena Feldmann

Senior Edie Feldmann

Senior Sydney Saldana

Senior Heather Kelly

Senior Zoe Dieffenbach

Junior Alp Okyar

Senior Edward Upton

Senior Kaitlin Curran

Senior Gio Cafaro

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