Sticking it to negativity with positive Post-It notes

Abi Whitcomb, Reporter

Every door and locker was vandalized yet again by the Post-it Note Pixie, sprinkling positive dust all over the school. 

As students and teachers entered school, they saw a colorful sticky note with a positive message on it on every locker and classroom door, placed there by three students who want to remain anonymous.

The idea originally came from Caitlin Prater-Haacke, a student from Alberta, Canada, who posted 800 sticky notes with positive messages after being bullied. She wanted to show that she could use kind words to fight back against their cruel ones.

However, it wasn’t because of bullying that one of the LHS students wanted to take part in “Positive Post-it Day.”

“For me, there have always been so many things that I’ve wanted to say to people like ‘wow, your hair looks amazing!’ Or ‘yo

u are so talented’ but I hardly ever have the courage to because I have very strong social anxiety,” this student said. “To me, Positive Post-It day seemed like the perfect way to say the things I’ve always wanted to say. I’ve been doing it annually since 8th grade because I love it so much.”

They started creating the notes in January, clocking in a total of 30 hours of work and writing 300 sticky notes a week. The student hopes that these sticky notes will show that just a small compliment can make someone’s day.

“I knew that I would at least make one person smile, and to me that’s worth it,” another one of the Post-It writers said. “With positivity and compliments all around, I hope that these Post-Its can set an example and allow people to spread more compliments to one another.”

These Post-It writers recruited students at the middle school, so LMS could get some random acts of kindness as well.

Students and staff at the school 

were extremely impressed and grateful that a student took the time to hand-write over a thousand sticky notes with thoughtful messages to brighten people’s day.

“I think they are great for school morale,” junior Evan Cormier said. “My favorite is ‘smiles are contagious and happiness is free’.”

Senior Caity Mahan said she hasn’t noticed them until one stuck out to her. 

“I think they are pretty cool. I saw one that says ‘You are swell’ and it made me laugh because I say ‘swell’ all the time.”

All around, students can see how mighty one small three-by-three sticky note can be.

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